City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Physical Theatre

Liberation, Zoo Southside, Review


The Alchemist Theatre Company sets out to liberate the audience from whatever it is they feel trapped by, be it a mundane office job, a life of never ending opportunities that are never quite reached,

64 Squares, Underbelly Cowgate, Review

64 Squares - photo credit Richard Davenport

Sitting in the belly of the great ship SS Triumphant on route to a brave new world, B would like to tell you about himself.

The Frantic Canticles of Little Brother Fish, Bedlam Theatre, Review

The Frantic Canticles of Little Brother Fish

Welcome to darkest Depravia, a poor, war-torn, mountainous land in Central Europe, too small to be shown on any map where the Dark Ages still hang heavy.

Souvenirs, Zoo Pleasance (Monkey House), Review

Souvenirs (photo credit Peter Marsh)

To the trilling of a recorder the cast emerge from cardboard boxes. They are here to unpack a story of objects and the memories that they evoke.

The Trepidation of the Tower Traipsing Troglodytes, C Nova, Review

The Trepidation of the Tower Traipsing Troglodytes leaves us speechless.

Souvenirs, Zoo, Review


Memories are one of the most precious ‘possessions’ a person can have and often we treasure these through an object associated with them.

Mr Poe's Legendarium, C Nova, Review

Sigmund Freud and Edgar Alan Poe in the same play? What’s not to like? Sadly, rather a lot in the case of ‘Mr. Poe’s Legendarium’.

Losing Grace, Greenside @ Nicolson Square, Review

Losing Grace

At the start of life you are presented with a box and it’s yours to fill up with memories and keep. But what if you come up empty ?

Boxed In, Pleasance Courtyard, Review

boxed in.jpg

It must be difficult to understand what being a different gender, to your own, would be like.

Tristissimo, Zoo Southside, Review

Tristissimo production photo

There can be turbidity in the world of dance. Classic styles are compelling but if not developed and progressed they can become torpid and stagnate. And yet so many choreographers play safe. They do not push against the envelope they are asphyxiated by it.