City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

3000 Palestinian souls take refuge in Edinburgh

By Editor - Posted on 21 July 2008

3000 Palestinian souls take refuge in Edinburgh

As an artwork symbolising the Palestinian 'catastrophe' of 1948, Return of the Soul: the Nakbah Project has already moved many to tears.

Palestinians it provokes catharsis, embodying the spirit of a time some
would rather were forgotten. For others it provokes questions they
would rather not confront, and bitter memories of a hostile era that
remains unresolved.

artist Jane Frere lived and worked with Palestinians in refugee camps
in Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank to prepare the work, which depicts
a mass exodus of refugees and includes first-hand recollections of
Palestinians, who fled their homeland. Many, mere children at the time,
tell stories of massacres and atrocities, violence and hardship endured
on their road into exile. Many of the events, now regarded as war
crimes and 'ethnic cleansing' by historians, have been confirmed by
Israeli academics researching the military archives.

3,000 wax figures, hanging in limbo "between heaven and earth", are the
outcome of workshops in drawing, anatomy, period costume, physical
theatre and oral history. "I
have become a collector of tears," says the artist, Jane Frere. "So
many people wept as they recalled what happened. It was genuinely
shocking. And many people who came to the first showing at the Al Hoash
Gallery in East Jerusalem also broke down in tears. For them it
represents a gaping wound that has not yet healed."

haunting installation is a sombre reflection upon the consequences of a
never-to-be-forgotten tragedy in Europe that cast the Palestinian
people into purgatory sixty years ago, sowing the seeds of perpetual
unrest in the Middle East.

Return of the Soul: the Nakbah Project

31 July - 18 August 2008

12-6 pm

Patriothall Gallery @WASPS,

Off 48 Hamilton Place

Edinburgh, EH3 5AY

To view images of the Jerusalem exhibition, please visit


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Other key dates:

Sat 2 Aug at 1pm Jane will be talking about her own journey and the exhibition's development in the gallery. Free. RSVP to

9 Aug at 3.30pm Jane will be talking on a panel at the Book Fair
alongside Israeli historian Ilan Pappe and Palestinian writer/lawyer
Raja Shehadeh. Full details at - TICKETS ARE SELLING FAST!

'Return of the Soul: the Nakbah Project'
will be on display in Dar al Funun Gallery, Amman from 11 October 2008
to mid January 2009. It will also be exhibiting in Shams Theatre,
Lebanon from 15 September to 15 October (TBC)

The Nakbah Project
General enquiries: 0131 208 1948
Media enquiries: 0208 144 1948