City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Deep Purple musician Jon Lord and Edinburgh's Stevenson College

By Editor - Posted on 10 May 2009

Legendary Deep Purple
musician Jon Lord launches major

musical collaboration with
Edinburgh's Stevenson College

Legendary Deep Purple musician Jon Lord will be at The
Music Box, Stevenson College in Edinburgh on Tuesday 12th May at
11am to launch an exciting musical collaboration involving over 100 of
Scotland's top aspiring musicians.

Jon will work with some of the most talented students
from Stevenson College over the summer, culminating in a special concert at the
Usher Hall on Monday 5th October.

The highlight of the concert will be a performance of
Jon's 1969 piece "Concerto for Group and Orchestra", a fusion of classical and
rock styles first performed in London at the Royal Albert Hall, conducted by
Malcolm Arnold and featuring both Deep Purple and the Royal Philharmonic

Jon says, "I have a strong interest in music education
and I am pleased to be invited, as a composer and performer, to be part of this
significant event.  I'm delighted at the
opportunity to perform the Concerto for Group and Orchestra in Scotland for the
first time, and equally delighted to give some of Scotland's finest musicians a
platform to showcase their exceptional talents".

Along with the brightest and best from Stevenson
College, the concert will feature musicians from the Royal Scottish Academy of
Music and Drama, the City of Edinburgh Music School and the Edinburgh Schools
Symphony Orchestra.

There will be performances from Stevenson College's
premier rock and jazz bands, along with a mouth-watering ensemble featuring Jon
Lord and one of Scotland's best loved folk musicians, accordionist Phil

Ken Thomson, Stevenson College's Head of Music and
Drama, says, "We've got some highly gifted musicians at Stevenson College.  The creativity that radiates when they
perform flares and shines spectacularly when Jon sits down at the piano to join
them.  This is one of the most exciting
collaborations I've ever been involved with and these wonderful rehearsals will
culminate in a phenomenal musical experience on 5th October".

Education Leader Cllr Marilyne MacLaren said:

"Edinburgh has a wealth of young musical talent
and I'm sure that this collaboration will help to inspire many more young
people to take an interest. The city excels in musical education so we are
delighted to be able to work with Stevenson College and RSAMD to showcase
talent from Edinburgh and beyond."

Jon visited the college in February to rehearse the
anthem "Child in Time" with the college rock band, giving an electrifying
experience that the band's members will long remember.  Lead guitarist Grant Kilpatrick says, "I
couldn't believe my eyes when Jon Lord walked into the college.  We all know Smoke on the Water, but this is
something else".

Jon is back at the college this month, to mark the
official launch of the collaboration and to work with the students to ensure
the final concert will be a highlight of this autumn's Scottish music scene.

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