City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Car Club Survey Shows Huge Reduction in Traffic in Edinburgh

By Editor - Posted on 28 May 2009


A new survey of City Car Club
members has shown that car clubs have significantly reduced congestion in the
capital by just over 1,800 cars in the past year.

The independent survey
commissioned by Carplus interviewed several City Car Club members and shows
that of the almost 2,700 members in Edinburgh (part of the overall membership
base of approaching 10,000 members nationwide), over 41% of existing members
and 39% of new joiners say they have reduced their car ownership. In addition,
a quarter of new joiners indicated that they would have purchased a car if they
hadn't joined a car club.

This equates to 1,823 cars
removed from Edinburgh's streets. The total number of cars taken off the city's
streets is having a positive impact on traffic reduction and parking
congestion, and will only continue to improve as car club membership increases.

City Car Club CEO James
Finlayson said: "It just goes to show that car clubs are really improving the
quality of life in Edinburgh, as well as giving motorists access to a car when
they need one at a fraction of the cost of private car ownership. Congestion
problems are being reduced and there is less pollution in the city.
Additionally, a large number of our members are business users based in the
city centre and this is helping to ease the pressure on parking in an area with
high demand."

The new figures show that
every City Car Club car takes 22.5 private and business cars off the road, and
that every club car has an average of 35 members using it on a regular basis.

And as well as reducing the
total number of cars on the road, the club also reduces the total number of car
journeys; the survey shows that car club members are almost three times less likely to use a car for short or long journeys, and prefer to walk, cycle or
use public transport for a larger proportion of their travel.

City Car Club is also
considerably cheaper than running a private car. Annual membership is just £50
(£25 for partners) and £30 for business users, and covers insurance,
maintenance, depreciation, cleaning costs. Members then simply pay-as-they-go,
driving from under £5 an hour - inclusive of 50 miles free fuel a day. According to AA figures, a second-hand Vauxhall Corsa
doing 4,000 miles-a-year will cost £2,903 - a City Car doing the same mileage
will cost just £1,065 - a saving of £1,838. (And that's without including the
cost of buying the car in the first place).

Using the car club is very
simple. You can join on the internet at or over the phone 0845 330 1234. Once you are a member bookings can be made at
a moment's notice directly from the cars, on the internet or by phone. 
Members gain access with their personal membership card (totally keyless
access). Their PIN is entered into the in-car computer and then they just drive
away. Journeys made are itemised on a monthly statement.

For more information
please call

Feben Iyassu @ Austin O'Brien
Communications - 020 7485 3222

The survey was compiled by Transport Research
Laboratory for Carplus -

Figures for calculating the price per annum for a
Vauxhall Corsa were based on sale price of a Vauxhall Corsa 1.0i 12V Life 5d
which for a 06/56 plate costs £4,915 for a private purchase. (Figure from
Parkers Car Price Guide). AA website states that road tax is £120, Servicing
and MOT £200, general maintenance £100, Parking permits and CC Charge £100,
petrol costs based at 91p per litre (Feb 09 price) and 35 mpg, insurance
premium £420, breakdown insurance £45, depreciation at £345 per year on average
(figures from Parker's Guide). Using these figures on the
cost calculator the total cost to run this car for a year is £2,902.78 This is
merely the running cost and depreciation and does not include the capital

A City Car Club car doing 4,000 miles-a-year will cost
£1,065 - a saving of £1,837.78.