City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Cramond Beachwatch 20th September 2008: Come along and Help!

By Editor - Posted on 09 September 2008

watch 20th
September 2008

Its time
to turn the tide on litter at Cramond
Beach again, as part of Europe's biggest beach clean-up, MCS
Beachwatch! Hopefully the date has been in your diaries so that this
email doesn't come too out of the
blue. Hope you can make it along - if so please drop us a quick

Where and when to
At the start of the causeway out to Cramond
Island at 10am on Saturday 20th September 2008 

What to bring? Suitable clothing (sturdy boots, rain gear
(hopefully not needed!))
A clipboard (if you have one - I have several
A pencil (in case I run out)
A keen eye for cotton bud sticks and small plastic

What do I provide? Gloves, bags, litter-pickers, clipboards (limited
supply), pencils, sharps box
I also attach a risk assessment that details the
very minor risks involved with the survey on the day

What do we do during Adopt-a-Beach/Beachwatch? 1. I mark off a 100m surevy stretch of the beach
into 10m sections
2. We group into pairs or trios of litter-picker(s)
and recorder, allocate a group per 10m stretch and scour that stretch for litter
items (often small bits of plastic!), pick them up and record them on the data
sheet. We only record litter from the 100m stretch between the last high tide
mark and the edge of the beach (ie. from the wet strandline to the edge of,
but not including, the dune grass)
3. Once the 100m stretch has been cleaned we put
all the recorded litter together and weigh it.
4. If everyone is still game we commence a clean-up
of the remainder of the beach and dune grasses (ie. outwith the survey
5. At the end of it all, we reward everyone with juice and
crisps (wrappers for which safely disposed
afterwards of course!) 
The survey usually takes about an hour with up to
another hour to do the broader clean-up. Cramond continues as the flagship MCS
adopted beach in Scotland and is one of 12 MCS adopted beaches that make up
the UK's marine litter monitoring network for OSPAR (see
If you are
interested, please get as many people along to help out as

'Contact Calum
Duncan, Scottish Conservation Manager on for further

Scottish Conservation Manager  
Marine Conservation Society
Coates Place
T: 0131 226 6360
F: 0131 226

MCS is the UK Charity dedicated to the
of the marine environment and its wildlife.
Please join us at