City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Skateboard Park For Edinburgh?

By edg - Posted on 29 March 2008

Edinburgh's Skateboarders may finally get a park - in Saughton. Release from Edinburgh City Council follows:


The City of Edinburgh Council has started a local consultation into proposals to create a skatepark at Saughton Park. The park would be developed in tandem with other new sports facilities and as part of the redevelopment of a play park which was damaged recently by vandals.

City Sports Leader Deidre Brock who recently visited the new privately run indoor ‘Transgression Park' in Leith says she has no doubt that Edinburgh's needs an outdoor skate facility.

Cllr Brock said:

"Edinburgh's skateboarders are a fantastic group of people who are as passionate about their sport as any golfer, swimmer or footballer and I am convinced that a new outdoor skate facility at Saughton Park would be a valuable asset for the city.

"We've made contact with many local organisations and individuals and the idea seems to be going down very well. Saughton Park is a key sporting centre for the city and a skatepark would be a great addition to what is already on offer."

"It is vitally important that this city provides as many opportunities as possible for people to stay active whatever their age or interests. That's why we want to make the upgrading of the play park right next to the site an integral part of this project - a play/skate complex for Saughton."

An outdoor skatepark has been long sought after by Edinburgh's young people and the development of a facility has been part of the Youngedinburgh Action Plan since 2001. Edinburgh Skatepark Project (ESP) was established in 2001 to represent Edinburgh's skaters and campaign for skate facilities in the city.

Members of Young Edinburgh attended a recent Council meeting to remind Councillors of the city's need for a skatepark.

Saughton Park currently has several grass football pitches, an enclosed running track and play area and a new all weather ‘third generation' full size pitch and sevens area is currently being installed.

The potential skatepark site is located to the east of the existing play area next to Balgreen Road. Early ground condition surveys have shown that the site could be the perfect spot for a new skate park.

Dave Sowerby who designed the new indoor facility at Ocean Terminal has also been involved in the Council's plans for an outdoor skatepark for the city.

Notes to Editors

1.Thedevelopment of a quality skatepark formed part of the Youngedinburgh Strategy and is the one action that has been outstanding for some time. Skateboarding is recognised by sportscotland as an increasingly popular sport.

2. The 2002 Viewfinder survey of young people in Edinburgh received over 4,500 responses. Of these 11% included an unsolicited request for skatepark facilities. The recent 2008 Viewfinder survey found that 18% of young people in Edinburgh skate and 15% would like more opportunities to skating.

3. Edinburgh Skatepark Project have been involved in the design of the project from the outset, and represent the skateboarding community. A skatepark in Edinburgh would be an open access facility for children and young people. The design will incorporate 'nursery' areas through to challenging competition standard features, and is intended for use by children through to experts.

4. The overall area of the plans for the proposed skatepark is approximately 30m x 70m.