City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Volunteers Wanted to Spit Into Tube For TV

By edg - Posted on 29 March 2008

ITV are looking for volunteers for a DNA experiment on Weds 2 April in Medical faculty, Teviot Square, Edinburgh.

ITV says:

"The aim is to test for the prevalence of the fat gene variant around the country. Dr Jim Wilson needs 48 students to spit into a tube for a rehearsal for a big TV experiment which ITV are planning for roadshows up and down the country for 'The Great British Body'. You will be needed from approx 10 - 4pm.

ITV will pay local travel expenses and provide lunch. This will not be shown on TV - but should be a lot of fun and very educational. Your DNA will not be kept for any other purpose. Anyone interested can also attend the Newcastle roadshow on Sat 12 April to meet Trinny and Susannah for real

Please call Colin on 020 7157 4762 or email for more details."