Balerno Theatre Brings Out the Bah! Humbug! with Dicken’s Panto Twist

Balerno Theatre Company return to the Church Hill Theatre with their adaptation of Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, but this time with a large dollop of pantomime added in.

The story follows on from the untimely death of Ebenezer Scrooge and tells the tale of his evil nephew, Russel Sprout. The overall plot remains, however expect dames a plenty, a handsome prince, an eponymous heroine, and a suitable amount of silliness and sauciness.

A Christmas Carol –The Pantomime will have you dancing in the aisles, singing down the street and laughing from start to finish.

Edinburgh Guide caught up with Director, Michael Davies, to find out why Balerno’s festive farce should be on your seasonal hit lists, as well as some likes and loathes…

Your Show is Worth Coming to See Because…?

It breaks away from the run of the mill pantomimes. Firstly, it is not a traditional pantomime story like Cinderella or Dick Whittington; therefore we had the luxury of completely re-writing the show. Of course, it wouldn’t be panto if we didn’t’ borrow a few characters and songs from other productions, and I was also very flexible in the final edit, making sure I played on the casts strengths. It truly is the funniest production I have ever had the privilege of working on and the energy from the cast is just electric. I challenge anyone not to walk out laughing their socks off.

Favourite Thing about Winter?

Well living in Edinburgh, it has to be soaking up the atmosphere around Princes Street and George Street. It’s just a magical place to be at this time of year, and the excitement is infectious.

Least Favourite Thing about Winter?

With an hour and a half commute to work in the morning the cold, early starts can be rather painful. I usually wake up half expecting to find a muster of penguins ice-skating at the end of my bed, which is entirely possible as my flat-mate is a zoo-keeper. Best not to talk about the time I found a Tiger in the kitchen... And I thought I was bad for bringing my work home…

Favourite Thing about Christmas?

I very rarely get to go home to Liverpool, so Christmas is the one time where I get to be with the whole family. We have a great laugh and it feels just like being a kid again. Mum still lays out our sacks from Santa and we crack open a bottle of champers while we open our presents under the tree.

Least Favourite Thing about Christmas?

Soap Opera Christmas Specials! I am always forced to watch them, and nothing happy ever happens. Somebody is always getting divorced, having an affair or being murdered. I just want to watch Morecambe and Wise!!!

Favourite Pantomime?

This may shock you, but I don’t actually like panto. Or at least I didn’t before I actually became involved in this production. I remember going to see Aladdin in Liverpool when I was very young. Mr T was playing the genie of the lamp… ‘I pity the fool’.

The Best Things in Life are…

Expensive… Bloody EXPENSIVE!

What is Your Most Treasured Possession?

I’ve been a huge James Bond fan since I was very young. I have a gold plated scale model of the Aston Martin DB5. It has all the moving parts, machine guns, revolving number plates and of course, an ejector seat. It sits at home in a glass case surrounded by trip wires and laser beams. No sticky fingers allowed.

What Would Your Super Power Be?

I would be “Queue jump man”. I really don’t like waiting in line; I get very impatient particularly when you are being held up by someone in front asking stupid questions or just generally being awkward. Oh, and don’t ask me to save your space in the queue while you go off and continue to shop for things you’ve forgotten. It’s not gonna happen; make a list!!

Who Would Play You in the Film of your Life?

Well I like to think that I bear a striking resemblance to Ryan Reynolds, although apparently only if Ryan Reynolds was entering an Anton Du Beke look-a-like competition… I can’t even dance!

A Christmas Carol – The Pantomime

Church Hill Theatre, Morningside

Wed 4th – Sat 7th December 2013, 7.30pm (Sat matinee at 2pm)

Directed by Mike Davies.

Music by Dougie Flower and Choreography by Lindsay McGlade.

See website for details and to book tickets: