City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Wildlife Charity Advises Public on Fox Cubs

By edg - Posted on 05 April 2011

Lennox - Edinburgh Fox Cub

The Scottish SPCA is asking people to contact them first if they see an injured or orphaned fox cub before approaching or moving it themselves.

Urban foxes can often be spotted in the city, particularly in Edinburgh's parks and green spaces, but sometimes boldy trotting down a main road at night in the city centre or scavenging in back alleyways.

One of two fox cubs that the SPCA's Wildlife Rescue Centre is currently caring for is the eight week old cub above, Lennox, who was found alone in Edinburgh city centre.

"Due to the busy location, his mother wouldn't have returned for him as she would have been frightened by all the people around," says Colin Seddon Manager of the Wildlife Rescue Centre.

LogieThe other is Logie (pictured right being fed).

"Logie was only one week old when he was found outside the earth," says Seddon.

"He was far too young to be by himself so we're having to hand rear him.

"Although both of these cubs needed our help, we would advise people living in more rural locations to leave cubs alone and check on them after a couple of hours as their mother may return for them.

"Vixens will often move their cubs from one earth to another and if they are disturbed they'll leave the cubs and come back for them later.

"Often, vixens will not live in the same earth as her cubs and will only return at night to feed them.

The SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre will tend the two cubs until they are fully fit, feeding themselves and healthy enough to be released.