City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Tiny Old Town Nature Reserve Holds Open Day

By edg - Posted on 15 June 2011

Johnstone Terrace Garden, a tiny nature reserve just 50 metres below Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, is holding a one-off open day this Saturday.

A wildlife garden of a mere 0.07 hectares - it is usually kept under lock and key - but will open its doors, giving Edinburgh locals and visitors the chance to explore a hidden wildlife oasis in the heart of the city.

Johnston Terrace Garden was first created as a place for urban wildlife by Scottish Wildlife Trust in 1982. "Today it is a real gem within our historic city," says Julian Warman, Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Reserve Manager for the Edinburgh area.

“The reserve is a great place to spot wildlife and a visit can help inform wildlife gardeners about the best ways and methods to manage a city centre garden to attract wildlife and help it thrive. Equally, if you are just passing by, it provides a beautiful setting to relax and enjoy some green surroundings.

“Unfortunately, every-day access is restricted to this site so I would urge the public to make the time and pop along on Saturday to explore our little pocket of urban wildlife.”

Johnston Terrace Garden is tucked away at the top of the Patrick Geddes steps which run between Johnston Terrance and the Grassmarket.

It is the smallest of 123 wildlife reserves managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and is teaming with urban wildlife including frogs, bumblebees and butterflies, bird species including grey herons and blue tits and a range of plant and tree species too.

With over 35,000 supporters, SWT is the largest voluntary organisation dedicated to the protection of all of Scotland’s wildlife.

Johnstone Terrace Garden map and info