City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh City Council School Closures (Tuesday 7 December)

Snow Again in New Town

Most of Edinburgh's schools are to open fully on Tuesday (7 December) with only a few exceptions in spite of the unpredictable weather and the

Airports Close Again to Clear Snow

Queen Street Blizzard

Heavy snowfalls have grounded planes at both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports again today.

A Little Respite from the Snow

Heriot Row park

Edinburgh awoke today (Sunday 5th December) to another cold , wintry day - but thank goodness there has been no more snow overnight, which is some relief for us all in the capital city.

Edinburgh's Train Service Suffers As Temperatures Drop

Train under a blizzard

The snow showers may have relented for now, but it has given way to a fiercesome freeze in the last couple of nights that has seen temperatures drop as low as -15C in Edinburgh. Parts of North Scotland have recorded temperatures as cold as -20C.

What You Should Do If Someone Falls Through The Ice

The Pentland Ranger Service is telling people not to venture on to frozen reservoirs in the Pentland Hills this weekend. The rangers warn that the ice forming on the reservoir is of varying thickness and could be extremely unstable. There have been three incidents in the Pentland Hills in the last ten years, one resulting in a fatality.

Edinburgh City Council School Closures (Friday 3 Dec)

Edinburgh Old Town in a flurry

Edinburgh City Council has defended its policy of continuing to close schools to some pupils after a week of wintry weather. Some children will be having a fifth day off school tomorrow due to the adverse conditions.

Edinburgh Snowed Under (Pictures)

Holed up

A week into the wintry snap, how are you bearing up? Are you still frolicking in the snow or fed up?

Edinburgh Still Digging Out of Heaviest Snowfall in Decades

New Town snow

Edinburgh Airport not expected to open til 4pm as heavy snow keeps coming.

Edinburgh Prisoners Roped in to Clear Stockbridge Snow

Prisoners clear snow

Low level offenders on community service were out clearing snow and ice in Stockbridge, Edinburgh this morning.

Edinburgh City Council School Closures (Thursday 2 Dec)

Car snowed under - St A's Day

Some may be feeling highly exasperated at this stage, but many children will be having a fourth snow day tomorrow Thursday (2 December) as Edinburgh services continue to be disrupted by the unprecedented snowfall and icey conditions.