City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Gets Its First IMAX Cinema

By edg - Posted on 21 December 2011

IMAX opening

Cineworld opened its first UK IMAX at Cineworld Edinburgh today to the public.

Although Glasgow has an IMAX at the Glasgow Science Centre (Dylan reviewed Avatar 3D there), the Cineworld IMAX is the only screen of its type in Edinburgh.

IMAX films offer a rich viewing experience with its crisp digital video projection and audio, and one of the largest screens around.

The new cinema started screening Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol today, five days before the film’s UK nationwide release date at non-IMAX cinemas.

Tickets for IMAX films are normal ticket prices plus an additional £4.30 per ticket. 3D glasses are included in the price where applicable.

Cineworld plans to introduce further Cineworld IMAX screens in early 2012, at Cineworld Nottingham and Cineworld Sheffield.

Lindsay Cook (pictured right), Cineworld Edinburgh General Manager, said: “My team and I are really excited to welcome customers through the doors and provide them with one of the most immersive cinema experiences around. We are thrilled to be showing the first advanced screenings of the hugely anticipated blockbuster Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – such an excellent way to celebrate the new partnership.”

Pictured: Matt Eyre - Cineworld, Vice President of Operations (left), Larry O'Reilly - IMAX, President of Worldwide Sales (centre), and Lindsay Cook, Cineworld Edinburgh General Manager (right), outside the new Edinburgh Cineworld IMAX

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This is not a new IMAX cinema. IMAX was introduced to Edinburgh when Fountainbridge was first built. It had a purpose built cinema. I went to see two different shows. But becuase they never changed what they were showing, turnout died off and it was seen as unviable. Hence the IMAX projector was removed and IMAX has not been seen since. This is a reopening of the IMAX, but with a new digital IMAX projector. 

Ah, yes the old Omnimax. Isn't that a little different technology though? A little surfing to refresh my memory suggests it was a different type of screen. And as you say, it's now digitally projected, with 3D, although in the same cinema.