City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News: film

Thugs and Dignitaries Sought For Burke and Hare Feature Film

Burke and Hare: sketches taken in court

Thugs, footmen, dignitaries, doctors, and ladies of the night are being sought for a new comedy feature film about Edinburgh's famous grave-robbers-turned-murderers Burke and Hare. Universal Extras are holding auditions for the parts at the Tolbooth in Stirling on Thursday 17th December from 9am to 5pm (people can turn up any time on the day according to the announcement).

Edinburgh Book Festival: Daniel Depp

Daniel Depp

Daniel Depp is on a European tour to promote his debut novel Loser’s
Town, a detective crime novel set in sun scorched Los Angeles.

Moon Wins Michael Powell Award At Edinburgh Film Festival

EIFF 2009: Sam Rockwell in Moon

Duncan Jones's low-budget sci-fi Moon has won the prestigious Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film

EIFF: Marooned in a Room with Bill Forsyth

EIFF 2009: Bill Forsyth

I'm old enough to remember Bill Forsyth's first films Gregory's Girl and That Sinking Feeling resonating with me as a teenager when, in the early Eighties, I first watched them during half-term breaks in the North of Scotland. We thought they were great. The dark, understated comedies were familiar and strange at the same time - it seemed like some local kids had just strolled into the film, yet there was nothing else like these out there. Scottish feature films were few and far between back then.

EIFF: Le Donk and ATP Parties Reviewed

EIFF 2009: Le Donk photocall

I can tell you this year's EIFF has nearly taken it out of
me. I decided to go for a swim this morning to try and remember what its like
to not be in a cinema and to feel...well just to feel anything to be honest. In
the last two weeks, my muscles for doing anything physical have atrophied into a
sitting half awake position and consequently I sank to the bottom of the pool
like a stone the second I jumped in.

EIFF: The Scramble Wave Comes of Age at All Tomorrow's Parties

EIFF 2009: All Tomorrow's Parties (still)

I can’t hear anything this morning. My ears are bleeding thanks to Scotland’s premier psychedelic post rock band who didn’t just play very loudly last night at the HMV Picture House but played through speakers that were actually 747 aircraft engines. Well, it seemed that way to me.

Half Past the Edinburgh Film Festival

EIFF 2009: Sam Rockwell in Moon

We're now past the half-way mark at the Edinburgh Film Festival (it finishes this Sunday, with the B

Chaos Reigns As Antichrist Comes To EIFF

EIFF 2009: Antichrist

A couple of hours after seeing Spread (see previous blog) I went to see what is probably the most anticipated film of the EIFF, a film that couldn't be further removed from the charming warm breeze of Ashton Kutcher if it tried. I have folks, survived the ordeal that is Antichrist.

Spreading The Love at the EIFF

EIFF 2009: Spread

A team of road maintenance specialists set upon my head this morning with a pneumatic drill accompanied by a klaxon like siren at the ungodly hour of 8am.

Away We Go to the EIFF Opening Party

EIFF 2009: EIFF Red Carpet Away We Go

Apologies to anyone who’s been frothing at the mouth with anticipation for my promised daily pearls of wisdom from the EIFF but I have a small confession to make. I have a job. Another job.