City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Restaurants: Ten Pound Challenge

By Irene Brown - Posted on 26 November 2011

Irene takes the £10 challenge - hunting out 10 Edinburgh restaurants where she can eat a good, two-course meal for under £10.

It is surely a sign of the times that you can now get £5 notes from the cashline machines. (I can’t even recall when that was last the case.) There can’t be many folk that aren’t feeling the pinch in one way or another these days so looking for a bargain is not just the pastime of the parsimonious, but a natural way of being for more people than ever.

And yet, we all still like a treat now and again. It is just over a year since EG challenged my colleague Euan Andrews to find 10 Edinburgh restaurants where you can eat well for £10 or under. It is timeous that the challenge has been thrown again only this time it’s me who has the task. Oh, life’s tough!

Like Euan’s finds, my selection includes lunch deals, but some are not prohibitively priced for dinner – they are just not necessarily offering a set price menu later in the day.

So here are The Rules:

  • There are no chains in the group
  • There is a representation of several cooking styles
  • There is a representation of several nationalities

It is tempting to have a glass of whatever takes your fancy with a meal, but as we all know, it fairly bumps up the price of a budget meal. Asking for tap water is perfectly acceptable but splashing out is too. It’s your budget! This is a guide and one I hope you’ll enjoy testing out.

Edinburgh is full of interesting independent food establishments. It’s in everyone’s interest to support the good ones as they add colour, character and variety to our capital.

The Restaurants

  1. Circle Café
  2. Caciopepe
  3. Zucca
  4. Bennet's Bar
  5. B'Est
  6. Celadon
  7. Saffrani
  8. Papilio
  9. Bia Bistrot
  10. Asti

More restaurants are to come (follow our Twitter channel for updates).

In the meantime, have a look at EG's Edinburgh Restaurants Reviews if you are looking for more foodie ideas.