City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Election Results for the Scottish Parliament, 5 May 2011

By edg - Posted on 07 May 2011

Alex Salmond - Scotland's First Minister

Alex Salmond and the Scottish Nationalist Party are celebrating a historic victory tonight after the most convincing win since the Scottish Parliament re-opened in 1999.

The SNP won 23 more seats at Holyrood at the expense of all the other major parties: the Liberal Democrats losing 12 seats, Labour losing 7, and the Conservatives losing 5. The SNP needed 65 seats to form a majority in the 129-seat parliament. They surpassed that with 69 seats.

The Greens won 2 seats, as they did in the 2007 election, but less than many forecast, and independent MP Margot MacDonald was re-elected on the Lothian Regional list.

Such was the strength of support for the SNP (and anger at the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government in London) that the nationalist party swept across the country.

In terms of the overall vote the SNP won 45.4% of the constituency vote and 44.7% of the regional vote.

As well as a thumping for the Liberal Democrats, reduced to a handful of seats, former Conservative leader David McLetchie lost his previously safe seat in Edinburgh Pentlands, as all but one of Edinburgh's six constituency seats went to the SNP. Labour's Malcolm Chisolm was the only non-SNP to hold a constituency seat in Edinburgh.

McLetchie was re-elected on the Regional list. Labour's Sarah Boyack was also re-elected on the Regional list after narrowly losing her Edinburgh constituency seat. 

Referring to the results for Labour last night, Alex Salmond offered the barbed observation:  "It's a bit like the American bison. I dare say we'll still see one or two dotted about here and there, but the great herds of Labour, they've gone for ever."


The results of the fourth election to the Scottish Parliament held on 5th May 2011 are:

  1. Scottish National Party (SNP): 69 seats
  2. Scottish Labour: 37 seats
  3. Scottish Conservatives: 15 seats
  4. Scottish Liberal Democrats: 5 seats
  5. Scottish Green Party: 2 seats
  6. Independent: 1 seat

Total: 129 seats

Edinburgh Constituencies

In bold is the winner. An asterisk marks the 2007 election winner.

Edinburgh Eastern

  • * Kenny MacAskill, Scottish National Party: 47.4%, 14,552
  • Ewan Aitken, Scottish Labour Party and The Co-operative Party: 40.1%, 12,319
  • Cameron Buchanan, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 8.6%, 2,630
  • Martin Veart, Scottish Liberal Democrats: 4%, 1,227

Edinburgh Central

  • Marco Biagi, Scottish National Party (SNP): 32.7%, 9,480
  • * Sarah Boyack, Scottish Labour Party: 31.9%, 9,243
  • Alex Cole-Hamilton, Scottish Liberal Democrats: 20.5%, 5,937
  • Iain McGill, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 15%, 4,354

Edinburgh Northern and Leith

  • * Malcolm Chisholm, Scottish Labour Party: 41.6%, 12,858
  • Shirley-Anne Somerville, Scottish National Party (SNP): 39.7%, 12,263
  • Sheila Catriona Dorothy Low, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 9.5%, 2,928
  • Dan Farthing, Scottish Liberal Democrats: 9.2%, 2,836

Edinburgh Pentlands

  • Gordon MacDonald, Scottish National Party (SNP): 37.3%, 11,197
  • * David William McLetchie, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 31.4%, 9,439
  • Ricky Henderson, Scottish Labour Party: 26.6%, 7,993
  • Simon James Clark, Scottish Liberal Democrats: 4.7%, 1,420

Edinburgh Southern

  • Jim Eadie, Scottish National Party (SNP): 29.4%, 9,947
  • Paul Godzik, Scottish Labour Party and The Co-operative Party: 27.4%, 9,254
  • * Mike Pringle, Scottish Liberal Democrats: 24.6%, 8,297
  • Gavin Brown, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 18.6%, 6,298

Edinburgh Western

  • Colin Keir, Scottish National Party (SNP): 35.7%, 11,965
  • * Margaret Joy Smith, Scottish Liberal Democrats:27.7%, 9,276
  • Lesley Hinds, Scottish Labour Party and The Co-operative Party: 21.5%, 7,194
  • Gordon John Lindhurst, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 15.1%, 5,047

Lothian Regional Results

The seven seats on the regional list were won by:

  1. Sarah Boyack, Scottish Labour Party
  2. David McLetchie, Scottish Conservative Party
  3. Kezia Dugdale, Scottish Labour Party
  4. Alison Johnstone, Scottish Green Party
  5. Margo MacDonald, Independent
  6. Neil Findlay, Scottish Labour Party
  7. Gavin Brown, Scottish Conservative Party

The BBC has a breakdown of the election results throughout Scotland

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Although in Edinburgh the Lib Dems handling of the trams fiasco has something to do with the evaporation of their support, this election was as much about electorate disgust at the government in London as love of the SNP and independence in Scotland. People have not forgotten that Labour presided over the financial meltdown and steered us into the current stagflationary recession  (although it's questionable that any government could have avoided this). By not being a major party in London the SNP has come out smelling of roses.