City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News: theatre

George Orwell's Coming Up for Air

Hal Cruttenden as George Bowling in 'Coming Up for Air'

Not much of a joker, was he, that George Orwell?

On the Waterfront

Simon Merrells as Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront

Let’s start with a confession and a promise. The confession
is that, before this, I had never seen anything directed by Steven Berkoff.

Crossing the River Jordan

Crossing the River Jordan focuses on three stories involving Palestinian confrontation with Israeli guards at this particular checkpoint where sixty years ago, fifty thousand Palestinians were forced to leave their homes after the State of Israel was formed. The show is an important reminder of the continuing sense of disempowerment felt by Palestinians, but it is also poignantly reminiscent of the Jews' plight in Nazi Germany.


Absolution, showing at the Assembly Rooms

Billy Connolly has been very open about it. The late John Peel included his own experience in his uncompleted memoirs. Red top newspapers flourish on tales of its occurrence up and down the land. We all want it to stop, and perhaps secretly wish it could simply vanish like a disease for which a vaccine has been found. Child abuse, as we somewhat coyly refer to the horrors perpetrated by otherwise 'decent' people, continues.

The Fringe's Unnoticed Enablers

Setting Up Baby Belly

They've nearly all finished by now, and a number of venues have already opened for at least preview business. 'They' are the folk who actually make the Fringe and all the other festivals happen in Edinburgh in August - the 'tech crews' as they're generally known.

Rose-tinted glasses or not?

According to the most recent reports (that
I've heard) the Fringe Box Office resumes business today. Possibly. Technology

Bargaining On The Vim

It's like the lists we're encouraged to make up in the panic-strewn pre-Christmas weeks - do we have a plan of the venue? Has it got enough detail for the designer and director?

Fringe Web Site Crashes For Hours

The Fringe Office

The Fringe's technical woes seem to know no end.

Fringe Shutting Shop Again to Deal With Ticket Backlog

The Fringe Office

The Edinburgh Fringe announced today that it will be closed to counter and telephone sales again on Sunday 27 July due to ongoing prob

Money, money, money...

How much does it cost to mount a show on the Fringe? Dreadful question, but art costs money somewhere along the line - even graffiti artists need materials.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2008 Programme Announced

Pipes and drums at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Over 1,000 performers from America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom will appear at this year's 59th Edinburgh Tattoo (1-23 August). The programme announced yesterday includes all the traditional ingredients of massed pipes & drums, massed bands, overseas contingents, and the Lone Piper on the floodlit Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle at the end.