City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News: theatre

To the Ocean, Symposium Hall, Review


In a tent on the grass by Symposium Hall, decorated with ivy leaves and fairy lights, BoxedIn Theatre create a world of childhood beliefs and coming of age reality.

Of Rags and Bones, The Quaker Meeting House, Review

Of Rags and Bones photo

Of Rags and Bones is a poignant and disconcerting show performed and devised by Newbury Youth Theatre.

Casanova Dreaming, Space on Niddry Street, Review


Giacomo Casanova is one of the most notorious lovers of European history, a man who’s life would not be out of place in a comic strip for the number of escapades he got up to.

Behind Our Skin, C Aquila, Review


Two separate journeys tell their own perspectives on life as an immigrant, where your voice, your name or your skin will, at best, label you as ‘other’ or ‘different’, and, at worst, as ‘unwelcome’.

The Tape Face Show, Pleasance Grand, Review


Five minutes into Tape Face my sister found herself up on stage with Mr. T. Face, racket in hand, trying to hit a tennis ball he swung on a string from the helmet on his head.

No-One is Coming to Save You, Pleasance Bunker Two, Review

One woman, one man. Two stories told in the third person.

Courtney Act: Under the Covers, Underbelly Circus Hub, Review


It’s time to get caught in the act with Celebrity Big Brother winner and RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 6) runner-up Courtney Act as she tucks herself in for an evening of secret sharing and songs in her

Gratiano, Assembly Rooms, Review


Grist to the Mill Productions always feature highly on the ‘to see’ list of anyone who knows them, and their new production Gratiano, written and performed by Ross Ericson, is a prime example of why t

Off-Kilter, Dancebase, Review


The character is a structured, controlled, precise and it must be said slightly obsessive individual, he's wrapped a bit too tight!

The Straw Man, Assembly Rooms Blue Room, Review

The Straw Man Brochure Image.jpg

Ross Ericson is no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe, having garnered 4 and 5 star reviews for shows such as Gratiano and Unkown Soldier in previous years.

Pricks, Pleasance Courtyard, Review


Jade Byrne has had a lot of pricks in her life. Over 70,000 to be more precise.