City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Theatre On A long Thin Wire, Summerhall, Review


What happens when an audience arrives at a theatre performance and there are no actors and no performance? The answer is - not much!

EIF 2014: Front, Lyceum, Review

Front - Royal Lyceum

A soaring polyphony on the grief and waste of war.

Sister, Summerhall, Review

Feminism has always been a widely debated subject and many women feel there is a need to reject the image of the 'normal woman' that is projected upon us by society and instead rebel in a way that exp

Leaving Home Party, Summerhall, Review

Leaving Home Party - Catherine Ireton

Its such a rare pleasure these days to stumble across something by relative chance, coming away energised and utterly enchanted.

The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast, Pleasance Dome, Review

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show

A beautiful, sunny August morning (rare for any Edinburgh Festival goer), a cup of coffee, fresh strawberries and a croissant (even rarer for any heavy-eyed Fringe reviewer).

Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award 2014 Shortlist Announced

Amnesty International has chosen six Fringe productions for the shortlist of its 2014 Freedom of Expression Award.

Biding Time (remix), Summerhall, Review

Biding Time (remix)

A Rabbit. Headphones. Finger Puppets. A New concept for Fringe 2014, but anything goes right? Well not always.

Major revival of John Byrne’s The Slab Boys set to mark Citizen’s Theatre 70th Anniversary Season in 2015

The Slab Boys by John Byrne is one of the best-loved works in twentieth-century Scottish theatre and regarded as a landmark play in Scottish theatre, being named by the National Library of

Title and Deed, Assembly Hall Rainy Hall, review

Title & Deed stage

A man who has been travelling stands on stage. He has just arrived from somewhere else – some nameless place known for exporting ‘sarcasm and uric acid’.

Civil Rogues, Pleasance Courtyard, Review

Civil Rogues - ladies

Civil Rogues is a good, old-fashioned, rollicking romp and, although it follows a rather familiar formula, a first-rate cast ensures laughs all round.

Back Door, theSpaces @ The Radisson, Review

Back Door: Laura Louise Baker (Tabitha), Jaacq Hugo (Violette)

Hitchcock was a master director of gripping, thrilling movies. In Rear Window, a photographer is confined to his New York apartment with a broken leg.

The Duck Pond, Bedlam Theatre, Review

The Duck Pond - cast

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a land touched by fairy tales; The Wild Geese, The Stolen Veil, The Little Mermaid, The White Duck, The Frog Prince - they all have power here.

The Curing Room, Pleasance Dome, Review

You Must Give The Command2.jpg

When desperation takes over and the tiny remnants of hope are gradually fading away, how far would you go to stay alive?

Tender Napalm, C Nova, Review

One of the deadliest and most cruel weapons being described as ‘tender’ could be seen as strange but when placed in the context of the battle of love, pain and tenderness go hand in hand.

Every Brilliant Thing, Summerhall, Review

Jonny Donahoe in Every Brilliant Thing _ Image by Mihaela Bodlovic_1.jpg

Every Brilliant Thing is a warm and inclusive production that surprisingly brightens the spirits while addressing the subject of depression.

Standby For Tape Back-Up, Summerhall (Demonstration Room), Review

Standby For Tape Back-Up

Apophenia: the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between unrelated or random things - Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

13 Sunken Years, Assembly Rooms, Review

13 Sunken Years

Finnish composer Sibelius held the province of Karelia in particular affection, inspired by its traditional culture and folk music.

Great Artists Steal, Space @ Jeffrey Street (Venue 45), Review

Picasso is attributed with the saying “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Scaramouche Jones, Pleasance Courtyard, Review


Justin Butcher’s tale of Scaramouche Jones is one hell of a story and he tells it masterfully.

The Matchmaker, Assembly George Square, Review

Set in rural Ireland The Matchmaker is a comedy revolving around Dicky Mick Dick O’Connor’s business of helping lonely individuals find love.

The Object Lesson, Summerhall (Tech Cube), Review

The Object Lesson - Summerhall

“At the end, all that's left of you are your possessions. Perhaps that's why I've never been able to throw anything away.

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