City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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La Poème Review

La Poème's Jeanne Mordoj

In the world of magic, women are generally no more than ‘the lovely assistant’. Not so with French cult performer Jeanne Mordoj.

The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity Review

Clout image for The Various Lives...

The clowning genius of Clout is back! Once again the Demonstration Room at Summerhall is graced with the presence of three young masters of the art of Bouffon.

Forever Review

Stephen and Vicky in Forever

Site-specific theatre has become a distinctive genre in recent years on the Fringe – thrilling performances staged in real Edinburgh flats, in cars, buses, at the Airport, on Inchcolm Island.

Theatre Uncut: Dalgety & Fragile Review


Introducing the double-bill Dalgety and Fragile, both by David Greig, director Emma Callander gave us a bit of the background to Theatre Uncut.

The Zero Hour Review

The Zero Hour - a scene

An impressive visual mix of old and new.

EIF 2013, On Behalf of Nature, Review

Chorus in Meredith Monk's On Behalf of Nature

There are elements to the 2013 EIF programme which are forever 1970s’s America, with performances by Philip Glass and Patti Smith and works from Laurie Anderson and Frank Zappa.

I'll Be Seeing You Review

I'll Be Seeing You - image from trailer.

Between the air raid siren and the all-clear sounding the evening will be punctuated by three bombs falling. In makeshift shelters people are pushed together as things fall apart.

What I Heard About the World Review

What I Heard About the World image

Three men are in relaxing in their flat. One lies dozing on the sofa, another sits in a chair watching the audience arrive and the third is playing his electric guitar.

Tell Me The Truth About Love Review


As we celebrate the birth one hundred years ago of Benjamin Britten it was good to get an insight into his life in the thirties before he and Peter Pears went off to the United States in 1939.

A Simple Space Review

A Simple Space - headwalking

Entering through the audience, dressed for a sunny day in the park, the cast of A Simple Space began playing games.

Ulysses, Tron Theatre 2013, Review

Ulysses - Tron Theatre - publicity image

Joyce famously asserted that his Ulysses was a creation of deliberate, impossible opacity to keep scholars arguing over it for ever more, thus ensuring his immortality.

The Flying Artichoke is presented to the Scottish Fringe Theatre Award Winner 2013

Hela production photo

HeLa, a fascinating insight into the controversial search for a cure for cancer, has won the Scottish Theatre Fringe Award for best production in the 2013 festival.

Grounded Review

Grounded - production shot

"If you let nice-to-do things take priority over have-to-do things, you are guilty of misprioritization and you jeopardize yourself and those around you" - extract from Multi-Command Handbook - F16.

Kiss Me Honey, Honey! Review

Kiss Me Honey Honey Photo

Laughter is the order of the day in this hilarious piece that was specially commissioned for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe by the Gilded Balloon.

The Lost Gatsby Review

The cast of The Lost Gatsby

The true story of a long lost silent movie version of The Great Gatsby, adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, is a timely and inspiring idea for this new play.

Don't Disturb the Driver Review

Don't Disturb the Driver - publicity photo.

I was once on a bus in Chile which had in place of the usual Don't Disturb the Driver sign one which read "Dear passenger. Ask for your ticket.

Edinburgh Book Festival: "The Real Story of Laurence Olivier" Review

Philip Ziegler is a well known biographer and historian with some twenty four books to his name, including biographies of Addington, Melbourne, Diana Cooper, Mountbatten, Edward VIII, Harold Wilson

Castration on a tennis court, and other stories: The life and art of Michelangelo Merisi, alias Caravaggio Review


Without as much as the toot of a trumpet, the eminent art historian, critic and face of BBC’s Culture Show, Andrew Graham-Dixon hops on to the semi-circular stage at Symposium Hall for his Ed

Working on a Special Day Review

Working On A Special Day publicity image

A warm and welcoming direct chat greets the assembling audience as the two actors unabashedly get dressed on stage in preparation to play the characters of Working on a Special Day.

The Bread and the Beer Review

Bread and the Beer

Beer barrels, bottles and empty crates, dirty wooden frames encasing blackened wallpaper, a bar stool and a snooker cue are cluttered haphazardly on the tiny stage, setting the scene for the very t

Echolalia Review

Echolalia Photo

Echolalia is the term applied to the habit of repeating others’ speech, often found in those with conditions such as autism.

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