City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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42nd Street, Edinburgh Playhouse, Review

42nd St Stairs

It’s as ‘corny as Kansas in August’, but this production of 42nd Street is to quote a line from the show ‘sheer unadulterated brilliance’.

The Ladykillers, King's Theatre, Review

The Ladykillers cast

The classic Ealing film, The Ladykillers, made in 1955 is still warm in the hearts of cinema goers.

The Artist Man and the Mother Woman, Traverse, Review

Garry Collins and Anne Lacey in The Artist Man and the Mother Woman

Oedipus is alive and well and living in Morayshire.

The Mousetrap, King's Theatre, Review

The Cast of The Mousetrap - 60th anniversary tour

The curtain rose on the first London performance of “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie on 25 November 1952 at the Ambassadors Theatre and today holds the record as the longest contin

The Cone Gatherers, King's Theatre, Review

The Cone Gatherers Calum (Ben Winger) and Neil (John Kielty)

It is easy to see why Robin Jenkins’ 1955 novel, The Cone Gatherers, has become a Scottish classic and compared to Steinbeck’s American classic, Of Mice and Men.

American Idiot, Edinburgh Playhouse, Review

American Idiot cast ensemble

Punk Rock ‘American Idiot’ is like Trainspotting USA - without the wit and local ‘charm’.

Little Voice, King's Theatre, Review

Little Voice is that rare kind of celebrity. So rare, in fact, that I’m not truly convinced that they actually exist. I am speaking, of course, of the reluctant celebrity.

The Authorised Kate Bane, Traverse Theatre, Review

Jenny Hulse and Nicky Elliott in The Authorised Kate Bane

Ella Hickson’s new play for Grid Iron Theatre Company has considerable ambition, taking us into some pretty challenging territory.

Farmhouse, Malmaison, Theatre Review

Farmhouse publicity shot

This latest production from Leith based theatre company, Siege Perilous, is the result of the company’s 2011 mentoring programme where writer John C. Gilmour took part and developed the work that was to become his first full length play, Farmhouse.

Haunting Julia, Kings Theatre, Review

Scene from Haunting Julia

A flawed but overall enjoyable experience Alan Ayckbourn's dark comedic drama about coming to terms with the loss of a loved one

A Dream on Midsummer's Night, Traverse, Review

Introducing children to the delights of Shakespeare can be a disappointing, even dismal, experience.

My Shrinking Life, Traverse Theatre, Review

Alison Peebles in My Shrinking Life

To ‘take someone’s path away’ is how Alison Peebles describes the reality of being diagnosed with and dealing with Multiple Sclerosis in, My Shrinking Life.

Good Grief, King's Theatre, Review

Penelope Keith as June

Born into a working class family in Leeds in 1929, Keith Waterhouse became a fine novelist and newspaper columnist, collaborating with Willis Hall on plays, films and television series.

Queen Amang the Heather: The Life of Belle Stewart in performance

Queen Amang the Heather

First Reading of a new play about the life of Belle Stewart, a cultural icon, and Scottish Traditional Traveller, feted throughout the world for her ballad singing.

The Phantom of the Opera, Edinburgh Playhouse, Review

The Phantom and Christine

The premiere of “The Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber was in October 1986 starring Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, quickly becoming a phenomenal global success, the longest running show in Broadway history. Box office revenues are more than any film, including "Titanic" and "Star Wars,” with the musical staged in 27 countries and seen by 130 million people.

Guid Sisters, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Review

They're Not Germaine's They're mine

Michel Tremblay’s play Les Belles-Soeurs, about a woman who wins a million Green Shield stamps and who calls in her friends and family to help her stick them in to books so she can cash the

Ménage à Trois, Traverse Theatre, Review

Menage a Trois

It is truly a wonderful thing when the promise of a performance chimes perfectly with its reality.

Traverse Seeks 50 Edinburgh Playwrights

The Traverse Theatre is seeking fifty playwrights for a year-long attachment as part of a project to mark the theatre’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2013.

Record Box Office at Edinburgh International Festival 2012

The Edinburgh International Festival, which ends tonight with the traditional, explosive finale of the

Crab House - A Bloody Cabaret Review

There is something fishy going down at Fingers. New Town has become New York for a cabaret tale of a restaurant for recessionary times.

Dachau Guide Review

Dachau Tour Guide; Robert Johnson.

This is the story of Robert Johnson’s experience of working as a guide at Dachau, the Nazi concentration camp – a job that nobody aspires to.

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