City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News: theatre

Kiss Me Honey, Honey! Review

Kiss Me Honey Honey Photo

Laughter is the order of the day in this hilarious piece that was specially commissioned for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe by the Gilded Balloon.

The Lost Gatsby Review

The cast of The Lost Gatsby

The true story of a long lost silent movie version of The Great Gatsby, adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, is a timely and inspiring idea for this new play.

Don't Disturb the Driver Review

Don't Disturb the Driver - publicity photo.

I was once on a bus in Chile which had in place of the usual Don't Disturb the Driver sign one which read "Dear passenger. Ask for your ticket.

Edinburgh Book Festival: "The Real Story of Laurence Olivier" Review

Philip Ziegler is a well known biographer and historian with some twenty four books to his name, including biographies of Addington, Melbourne, Diana Cooper, Mountbatten, Edward VIII, Harold Wilson

Castration on a tennis court, and other stories: The life and art of Michelangelo Merisi, alias Caravaggio Review


Without as much as the toot of a trumpet, the eminent art historian, critic and face of BBC’s Culture Show, Andrew Graham-Dixon hops on to the semi-circular stage at Symposium Hall for his Ed

Working on a Special Day Review

Working On A Special Day publicity image

A warm and welcoming direct chat greets the assembling audience as the two actors unabashedly get dressed on stage in preparation to play the characters of Working on a Special Day.

The Bread and the Beer Review

Bread and the Beer

Beer barrels, bottles and empty crates, dirty wooden frames encasing blackened wallpaper, a bar stool and a snooker cue are cluttered haphazardly on the tiny stage, setting the scene for the very t

Echolalia Review

Echolalia Photo

Echolalia is the term applied to the habit of repeating others’ speech, often found in those with conditions such as autism.

Sonica Presents Sven Werner's Tales of Magical Realism Review

Sven Werner's Tales of Magical Realism

We are invited into the charmingly named "Small Animal Hospital" at Summerhall by unsmiling lab-coated attendants.

Turbulence Review

Turbulence - production photo

Following the success of "Fall to the Top" (a reworking of Shakespeare's "Scottish Play"), Entita Theatre enter that difficult second album stage with a prequel to the Bard's Th

Lifting The Mask Review


PromisKus Theatre is a collective of graduates from the new BA (Hons) Acting For Stage & Screen course at Napier and Queen Margaret Universities.

A Matter of Life and Death Review

A Matter of Life and Death - production photo

It seems a mad prospect to bring an adaptation of the classic Powell and Pressburger film to the stage. Surely it would bomb, crash and burn?

The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe Review

Lizzie Wort as Marilyn

 “Blonde and beautiful Marilyn Monroe, a glamorous symbol of the gay, exciting life of Hollywood, died tragically Sunday. Her body was found nude in bed, a probable suicide. She was 36.

Morning and Afternoon Review

Morning and Afternoon.jpg

Morning and Afternoon - written and performed by veteran Irish director Andy Hinds - presents two interweaving soliloquies, involving two brother’s at an impasse, reflecting on their lives an

An Actor's Lament Review

An Actor's Lament

Steven Berkoff is a Fringe favourite.

The Bespoke Overcoat Review

Bespoke Overcoat - a scene

The secure thread of friendship runs through this gently comic play.

Pugni Di Zolfo – Fists Of Sulfur Review


An intense sulphuric light emanates from this one-man show by Florentine actor Maurizio Lombardi. It was performed in its original Italian at the Italian Institute on Monday 12th August.

Solstice Review

A remote cottage on the wild, windswept north-east coast of Scotland is the perfect place for murder. Staged in a dark basement in an old gothic church should create the right atmosphere.

The Greatest Liar In All The World Review

Greatest Liar cast

Being a fan of the art of puppetry, it was with some excitement that I approached this afternoon’s performance of The Greatest Liar In All The World.

The Red Bike Review

The Red Bike - a scene

There is no language barrier in this delightful piece of clowning with a political message from San Cesario di Lecce in Southern Italy.

Ballad of the Burning Star Review

Ballad of the Burning Star - a scene

Welcome to Israel, a land of endless sun, orange groves, bullets and bombs.

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