City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Words with A L Kennedy Review

Fringe 2009: Words With A.L. Kennedy

Words with A. L. Kennedy in the Assembly Rooms' Drawing Room? Who could resist? Certainly not this reviewer, referred to (jokingly, one hopes) by friends as ‘A. L Kennedy's stalker', for taking a bit more than a passing interest in a career which now spans novel and short-story writing, film scripting, stand-up comedy and now .. what?

The Kosh in The Storeroom Review

Fringe 2009: Sian Williams in The Storeroom

Three theatrical trunks of a certain age dominate the space, from behind which Sian Williams emerges in quasi-bondage leather to explore the memories of her character's ‘storeroom'.

Birthing The Crone Review

To say that I felt a little out of place ten minutes into Birthing The Crone would be a huge understatement. The room was verging on empty.

Gertrude Stein: I like it to be a play/Every Afternoon Review


Gertrude Stein (1874-1946), the avant-garde American writer was inspired by European culture and from 1903 until her death lived in Paris where she was a celebrated hostess and patron for artists and writers at her Salon parties.

Her own innovative writing emphasises sounds and rhythms without conventional meaning, and grammar, in which she attempted to capture "moments of consciousness," independent of time and memory.

Suckerville Review


The ad hoc environment of the Fringe has always been a loaded forum for shows to react to global events, and inevitably this year's headline topic, the global economic downturn, is the focus of ambitious young company Spitting Distance.

The Tartuffe Review

Fringe 2009: Belt Up Theatre's The Tartuffe

The term "award-winning" is tossed around the Fringe as much as flyers discarded in bins. But Belt Up Theatre deserve the moniker, with their refreshingly captivating spin on Moliere's classic through site-specific and physical theatre.

Don't Forget To Breathe Review

I was once in a bar and I met a woman who seemed to be able to look right inside me and tell me what was right and wrong with my life.  It kind of spooked me - but I was very drunk at the time.

The Dentist Review

Fringe 2009: Razia Israely in the Dentist

We travel with Rosi from her father's grave back into the past as she works out her relationship to her divorced parents and uncovers the full secret of her father's experience in the concentration camp.

The Unravelling Review

Dreams, wishes, rivalries and death. The students of Mulberry School make a third appearance on the Edinburgh Fringe. Hailing from the Borough of Tower Hamlets, they bring stories which echo, surprisingly and unsurprisingly, the experience of many young (and older) people.

Go To Gaza, Drink The Sea Review

Fringe 2009: Go To Gaza, Drink the Sea

Before the USA dragged the willing and the unwilling into the quagmire of Iraq, one play captured the 'Zeitgeist' as millions marched against war. Justin Butcher's The Madness of George Dubya was a sensational satire anticipating events early in 2003.

Dawn of Quixote: Chapter the First Review

Dawn of Quixote: Chapter The First

"Doesn't it get exhausting?" and "What's the point?" asks Dulcinea in this exploration of the first chapter of Don Quixote. The answers are yes and I have no idea.