City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Becoming Marilyn Review

Fringe 2009: Becoming Marilyn

Issy van Randwyck is a star of the musical stage: a triple Olivier Award nominee for various West End productions and one third of the sassy cabaret act, Fascinating Aida. In a recent show, Dead Divas, celebrating the life and times of Joplin, Carpenter, Holliday, Monroe et al, a review described Ms van Randwyck as "the fizziest talents in British showbiz."

The Devoured Review

Steve Lambert in The Devoured

When you go to a show called "The Devoured", about the destruction of a family in the Holocaust you know it's not going to be easy-going. Even forewarned might not prepare you for this intense physical production which is challenging, particularly for its solo actor.

Little Gem Review

Fringe 2009: Little Gem

Three very different chairs stand in the performance space of Traverse Two, waiting to be occupied by three very different characters, related but representing different stages and experiences of life. Elaine Murphy’s ‘Little Gem’ takes on birth, death and the whole damn thing and for most of its ninety minutes manages to wrestle both reality and posture to the

Private Peaceful Review

Fringe 2009: Private Peaceful

There was a nice mix of people sitting inside the Udderbelly this afternoon. Grandparents shared programs with their young grand children. Husbands and wives squabbled with their moody teenage sons and daughters who were grumpy because they had to wait in the rain. Then they squabbled amongst themselves.

The World Is Too Much: Theatre For Breakfast Review

The Traverse theatre is staging 'scratch' short plays by some of Britain's best writers. Starting at 9.30am, til the 16th and 9am thereafter, this 'theatre for breakfast' - which includes coffee and a roll - is running almost every day throughout the Fringe until the 30th August.

The Timekeepers Review

Roy Horovitz in The Timekeepers

In Sachsenhausen concentration camp an elderly Jewish Berlin watchmaker (Benjamin) and a flamboyant German homosexual (Hans) are thrown together.

Stalag Happy Review

Fringe 2009: Stalag Happy

Stalag Happy is a little work of art.

Austen's Women Review

Fringe 2009: Austen's Women

Having already brought to the fore Shakespeare's Women with Susannah York and Berkoff's Women with Linda Marlowe, Guy Masterson directs Rebecca Vaughan through an exploration of Jane Austen, whose realism, biting social commentary and masterful irony has ensured she is one of the most widely read and beloved writers, with many film and TV adaptations of her famous works.

Warehouse 364 Review

Following a tale of mistaken identity this black comedy follows a variety of characters to the doors of Warehouse 364 - “where good things happen to bad people”.

The Madness And The Mayhem of Edinburgh's Festival

Malaparata with chain

"I want to die. I want a comet to hurtle down from the sky and flatten me like a pancake". Such a cheery bunch we Edinburgh lot are. That was the morning greeting of a dear friend of mine...she is no longer my friend.

I can't stand a misery guts. But then, in all fairness, we haven't really had a lot to cheer about of late, have we? Tram works. Garbage strikes. Ridiculous weather. The recession. Urgh!

Take Five: Fringe Picks In Music, Theatre, Dance and Kids

Fringe 2009: Morecombe

The 2009 Fringe programme includes 2098 shows with 34,265 performances in 265 performing spaces.