City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Warehouse 364 Review

Following a tale of mistaken identity this black comedy follows a variety of characters to the doors of Warehouse 364 - “where good things happen to bad people”.

The Madness And The Mayhem of Edinburgh's Festival

Malaparata with chain

"I want to die. I want a comet to hurtle down from the sky and flatten me like a pancake". Such a cheery bunch we Edinburgh lot are. That was the morning greeting of a dear friend of mine...she is no longer my friend.

I can't stand a misery guts. But then, in all fairness, we haven't really had a lot to cheer about of late, have we? Tram works. Garbage strikes. Ridiculous weather. The recession. Urgh!

Take Five: Fringe Picks In Music, Theatre, Dance and Kids

Fringe 2009: Morecombe

The 2009 Fringe programme includes 2098 shows with 34,265 performances in 265 performing spaces.

Optimism Director Michael Kantor on Reworking Voltaire For 21st Century

EIF 2009: Optimism

It's unsurprising that Voltaire's bracing cynicism seems so apt for the 21st
century. In a world where our politicians are disgraced, misanthropic
tendencies and doubt, accompanied by ever increasing scenes of civil war and
violence, seems to have ensured the glass is half empty for the majority.

Festival Play Explores Gruesome Legacy Of "The Last Witch"

The Last Witch

In Scotland, the Kirk outlawed witchcraft as devil-worshipping heretics in 1563 and 1,500 people were executed. The last "witch"  to be executed was Janet Horne in 1727. Sentenced to death by burning, she was stripped, covered in tar and paraded through Dornoch in a barrel after being accused of having a pact with the devil.

Frieling Good: Festival Presents Three Masterworks by Ireland’s Greatest Living Playwright

EIF 2009: Brian Friel

Brian Friel's poetic and often surreal style, accompanied by his obsession
with language and his skill for cleverly twisting word and meaning, has made
him Ireland's most admired contributor with

Theatre Review: TrAPPED

The scene opens on a semi -lit stage with two giant cage-like crates on wheels, each containing piled with box files.  Five dancers enter the stage in military costume to the persistent sound of the snare drum, moving stiffly in unison and taking on various heroic poses of propaganda posters. 

Hours-Long Queues On Record-breaking First Day For Fringe B.O.

Fringe Shop opens to queues

Fringe-goers have been facing delays and long waits to buy tickets for Fringe shows. However, fears that the box office fiasco of last year might be repeated have been allayed with the news that the Fringe Office surpassed all previous box office records after its first day of ticket sales to the general public yesterday, selling tickets in excess of £275,000.

Theatre Review: The Ducky

Finn den Hertog (Rab) and Hannah Donaldson (Michelle)

Everything changes. Nothing ever stays the same.

Oh, the sun still rises and sets (though that is debatable in this country), the earth still spins and the Rolling Stones are still, despite every law of science in the book, still going.

Edinburgh Fringe 2009 Is Biggest Yet

Fringe 2009: A Girl and Her Eggs

The 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which launched earlier today at the EICC, will be the biggest yet with 2098 shows in 265 venues over the course of 24 days in August.

The cover of this year's Fringe programme is a glowing, purple egg. For Kath Mainland, who took the reins as Chief Executive of the Fringe Society only three weeks ago, "the egg symbolises anticipation of the Fringe... you use your imagination to see what's inside."

Win Tickets to the Critics Awards for Theatre Scotland

Midsummer by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre has a pair of tickets to give away for the CATS Awards on 14 June.