City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

You’re Not Like the Other Girls Chrissy, Pleasance, Review

You’re Not Like the Other Girls Chrissy publicity image

A charming love letter sent across generations.

Every Brilliant Thing, Summerhall, Review

Every Brilliant Thing - photo credit Michaela Bodlovic

When our narrator was seven years old his mother couldn’t think of anything worth living for.

The Red Chair, Summerhall, Review

Red Chair by ChristopherBethell_002.jpg

What creeshie secrets does the red chair hold?

Under the Ground, Assembly Checkpoint, Review

Under the Ground - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Detached amidst the crowd a girl stands on the underground platform.

Edmund the Learned Pig, Summerhall, Review

Fittings Multimedia Arts - Edmund the Learned Pig - Edmund with  Anthony Cairns - Photo by Joel Fildes.jpg

Imagine an animal free menagerie; a memory man who forgets things and a vertigo suffering aerialist and you have Barry Bonaparte's travelling circus.

A Sudden Burst of Blinding Light, Zoo Southside, Review

A sudden burst - credit Oliver King Photography.jpg

Welcome to “This is Your Mind”, an avant-garde game show that attempts to get into the heads of a boy a girl and a “mad” mother.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Frank Bechhofer and David McCrone: What is the Nation State Anyway?

‘What ish my nation?’ is Captain Fluellen’s rhetorical demand in Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’, his response being a catalogue of inadequacies equal to that of Renton in Irvine Welsh’s ‘Trainspotting’ when

Edinburgh Book Festival: Helen Fitzgerald & Andrew Michael Hurley - Truth is a Bitter Medicine, Review

Helen Fitzgerald - author of 'The Exit'

The imaginative, invented world of fiction can often explore contemporary real life issues in a more profound and powerful manner than a factual report.

EIF 2015: The Mutter Virtuosi, Usher Hall, Review

Anne-Sophie Mutter © Tina Tahir_DG 4.jpg

The Mutter Virtuosi was paying its first visit to the Edinburgh International Festival with a concert of string music that included a world premiere by Previn, the recently written Penderecki, and the

The Overcoat, Summerhall, Review


The Overcoat, Summerhall, Review

BRUSH Theatre



Spend a fun day with young Jenny and how she deals with missing her Dad!

17 Border Crossings, Summerhall, Fringe review

17 Border Crossings scene

Crossing a border can be an interesting experience – depending on the country you’re visiting – and in this one-man show Thaddeus Phillips recounts his memories of his border crossings throughout the

Feast, Zoo Sanctuary, Review

Feast by Clout Theatre credit Richard Davenport (4).JPG

Forget chicken supreme, this is Clout supreme!

EIF 2015: Max Richter – Recomposed/Memoryhouse, Edinburgh Playhouse, Review

Max Richter

A black-clad man sits centre stage playing harpsichord while the sound of wind and rain clawing at unseen windows murmurs somewhere in the distance.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Janice Galloway, Sex Life & Parenthood, Review

Janice Galloway

In the main Book Festival theatre the other night, a packed audience enjoyed listening to Janice Galloway in an illuminating conversation with the excellent presenter, Jackie McGlone.

We This Way, Summerhall, Review

We This Way

We are here to play a sort of game, there is no right or wrong, no win or lose, just the opportunity to explore.

Current Location, Summerhall, Review

Current Location - photo courtesy of Tegid Cartwright.

“As I wait for the dawn to break the memory of a place comes near.”

Paperwork 2, Fringe Venue 208 (Edinburgh Ski Club), Review

Study for Inversion - Sheila Chapman, as part of Paperwork 2

Just a short walk over from the major, well-established galleries up and down Dundas Street, do make your way to a hidden gem of a pop-up gallery at Fringe Venue 208 at 2 Howe Street.

Vanity Bites Back, Gilded Balloon Study, Review

Vanity Bites Back production image

Welcome to Jill’s cookery show, a world where butter wouldn’t melt, a place where food is the centre of our lives.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Roy Hattersley, In Praise of Equality

Roy Hattersley was introduced as someone who has been at every Edinburgh Book Festival since 1983 which is quite a record!

EIF 2015: Rudolf Buchbinder: Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Playfair Library, Review

Rudolf Buchbinder by Philipp Horak

Situated in Old College, the Playfair Library is the most sumptuous environment for Rudolf Buchbinder to have chosen as his venue to perform Beethoven’s thirty-two solo piano sonata cycle.

To Kill a Machine, Zoo Pleasance, Review

To Kill a Machine - photo credit Keith Morris.

It has been said that Alan Turing died while conducting a dangerous experiment - it was called, life.