City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Atomic 3001, Dancebase, Review


Now, this is radically different, a refreshing and genuine step outside the typical, an adventure or experiment in dance and a collaborative effort amongst creatives who are attempting to move beyond

Scottish Arts Club Announces 2018 Fringe Theatre Awards

The winners and this year’s Scottish Arts Club Theatre Awards were announced on 20th August.

The Hit, Summerhall, Review

The Hit

‘If the 20th century was about ideology, the 21st is about identity.’ Funded by the Wellcome Trust, Strangeface’s The Hit see’s Mikey the puppet spell out modern life to you, with particular

Who Do You Think You Are? Barbara Brownskirt., Assembly Rooms, Review


Clad in a navy anorak, Penge’s lesbian poet has nipped up to Edinburgh to try her material out on a slightly larger audience than available the 197 bus stop.

The Basement Tapes, Summerhall, Review

The Basement Tapes - (Andi Crown).jpeg

We are shut in a basement, seemingly unaccompanied by an actor, when out of the darkness comes an uncertain voice – “Hello, hello; is there anybody there?”.

Case Closed. Not, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Review

EIBF Case Closed. Not (Thomas Enger and Alex Gray)

Murder is murder whether in Oslo or Glasgow.

Falkland, The War the World Forgot, Greenside @ Nicolson Square, Review

The Falklands Conflict - Royal Marines marching across Camp to Stanley

On 2 April 1982, Argentina invaded the Falklands, the remote islands in the South Atlantic, inhabited then by 1,800 people, descended from the pioneering Scottish settlers brought there to raise sheep

This Is Yorkshire, Space on the Mile, Review


In a new play inspired by the 2007 film This is England, Georgian Theatre Royal Youth bring a new play This Is Yorkshire to the fringe festival with the help of the legacy left by Br

Roman Candle, Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Review

Roman Candle.jpg

There are other things Angie would rather be doing, but “it’s fine”. Until the day it isn’t.

EIF 2018 Colburn Orchestra, Usher Hall, Review

Colburn Orchestra © Unknown 01a.jpg

Situated in downtown Los Angeles, Colburn School has four divisions: the Conservatory of Music, the Music Academy, Community School of Performing Arts, and Dance Academy.

A Necessary Woman, Apex Grassmarket Hotel, Review

A Necessary Woman 2 (Deborah Clair and Philippa Urquhart).jpg

Kent based theatre company Clair/Obscur, an anglicised version of Italian chiaroscuro that describes the effect of light and shade in art, have more than lived up to its name with their produ