City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Cultural Ambassadors Announced for The King’s Theatre Re Generation Campaign

Big names in the world of art and entertainment, with connections to the King’s Theatre, have pledged their support to the £25 million capital campaign to regenerate the King’s and by extension the To

City of the Dead: Haunted Graveyard Tour, Outside St Giles' Cathedral, Review


This was a very informative and entertaining tour of some historic sites in and around St Giles'.

EIBF 2017: Island Misadventures - Nell Stevens and Anne Cholawo, Review


For anyone interested in travel or world geography, this was a most inspirational discussion - indeed a journey - from the South Atlantic to the Hebrides.

Representation and Inclusivity to the Fore in post- Festival Traverse Season

During a successful 70th Fringe, with total audience numbers reaching just short of 40,000 across nearly 300 production performances, the Traverse Theatre delivered a defiant programme representing na

EIF 2017, Fireworks Concert, Review


Clearly, this is the world's biggest and most spectacular annual fireworks concert, and an explosive evening of entertainment awaited us.

Edinburgh International Festival Ends 70th In Robust Form

Virgin Money Fireworks concert 2017 by Beth Chalmers

It opened with a Bloom and ended with a familar “Boom!”.

EIBF 2017: Harriet Harman with Ruth Wishart in the Chair, Gender Politics

Ruth Wishart in the Chair, introduced Harriet Harman as someone who had her own set of rules; she was a housewife and a mum - so how did she rise to great heights in the Labour Party as the Deputy Le

EIBF 2017: When Love is a Battlefield, Amanda Craig & Gwendoline Riley, Review

book fest craig and riley.jpg

This joint 'meet the author' event paired two distinctive novelists, Amanda Craig and Gwendoline Riley, whose recent novels both astutely observe the often fractured, fragile flipside to the romantic

EIBF 2017, Richard Ford: Filial Bond, Review

This year, the Edinburgh International Book Festival has been privileged to welcome two of the United States’ most distinguished novelists; Paul Auster is the austerely if bleakly comedic post-modern

EIBF 2017: From Merchiston, with Mirth - Alexander McCall Smith, Review

Alexander McCall Smith .. in the real Scotland Street as featured in his fictional tales.

There is happy buzzing chatter from the capacity audience in the Main Theatre.