City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Transplanted Concert, Royal Botanic Garden Lecture Theatre, Review

High Heels.jpg

Known for their love of shoes together with the hairs of a stringed instrument's bow, Alice Rickards and Sonia Cromarty are High Heels and Horse Hair.

Swiss Ambassador's Award Concert, Balmoral Hotel, Review

Trio Rafale.jpg

Haydn, the teacher, was not happy when he heard one of Beethoven's three trios which were to become his Opus 1. Haydn told him to rework it but Beethoven thought it the best of the three.

Seven Hungers, Summerhall, Review

Seven Hungers

As humans we are inherently hungry. Hungry for love, desire, security and violence and of course, the substance vital to our survival, food.

Challenge Beauty during Body Confidence Week

Juliette Burton

Juliette Burton’s Look at Me received critical acclaim and sold out almost every performance, as well as being nominated for The Skinny’s Talk of the Town Award for Cultural Impact at Edinburgh Fringe

Top Hat, Festival Theatre Edinburgh, Review

Alan and Charlotte with group - Top Hat

It may seem incredible that a 1930s musical showing the farcical shenanigans of the privileged few is still popular in the 21st century but when it arrives with the sumptuousness of this classy produc

Embrace, Royal Botanic Garden, Review


Excitement builds for the latest audience of Vision Mechanics’ current site-specific production as they are guided through a dark forest with only torchlight for guidance.

Elgar's Cello Concerto Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Usher Hall, Review

Aleksei Kiseliov.jpg

With every seat taken, we were off to a rousing start with Mozart's four-minute-long Overture to The Marriage of Figaro before Peter Oundjian returned with microphone in hand.

Pistons and Pipes, McEwan Hall, Review

Piston and Pipes.jpg

In the week in which the McEwan Hall's fine organ is back in use after a significant restoration Tom Poulson and Calum Robertson began their lunchtime concert with a world premiere.

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, Traverse Theatre, Review


White Rabbit Red Rabbit is an interesting experiment, but it’s difficult to pin down precisely what - if anything - can be learnt from it.