City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Edinburgh Book Festival: The Darien Disaster; New Perspectives

Late in the seventeenth century, an as yet independent Scotland sought to catch up in the fast-paced race for overseas colonies already begun by the major powers; the Company of Scotland Trading to Af

Niall Campbell Wins £20,000 Inaugural Edwin Morgan Poetry Prize

Niall Campbell

Niall Campbell has won the inaugural Edwin Morgan Poetry Award for Scottish poets aged 30 or under, the largest poetry prize in the UK.

EIF 2014: Britten's War Requiem, Usher Hall, Review

Andrew Davis, conductor

Andrew Davis actively marshalled the large forces required for Britten’s War Requiem into a reasoned, powerful performance.

High Noon Over Camelot, Whynot?, Review

High Noon Over Camelot - wickedacephotos

Take Arthurian legend, drizzle lightly with songs, add wild-west flavour and transfer to the baking metal desert of a far off starship.

EIF 2014, James II: Day of The Innocents, Festival Theatre, review

James II - The True Mirror

James II: Day of The Innocents, the second of Rona Munro’s historical trilogy, is a gripping tale of trauma, brutality and betrayal.

Light, Pleasance Dome, Review

Light - photo by Alex Brenner

It’s just another day at the dystopian office of Peace of Mind HQ for Agent Petros - or it would be except for the nightmares he has been having.

Shades of Spain and tones of the River Tweed: Landscapes by Douglas Davies R.S.W.

Manor Valley, by Douglas Davies, R.S.W.

“The Scottish Borders are a constant inspiration whatever the season as are frequent visits to south Brittany and the Mediterranean coasts of France and Spain providing me with a totally different

EIF 2014: Ute Lemper Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Usher Hall, Review


Kurt Weill's 1929 work Little Three Penny Music emerged from a darkened stage lit by the music desk lamps for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Pss Pss!, Zoo Southside, Review


Baccalà Clown brings top of the range circus skills from Switzerland to Scotland.