City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

The Onion of Bigotry, St John's, Review

01_08_Sandrine C_ (2).JPG

Hatred has never been so much fun’.

Bromance, Underbelly Topside, Review

Sisterhood in all its forms is a confidently trod theatrical theme but “guy stuff"... ummm, well that’s always a bit risky, eh?

Buffer, Space on North Bridge, Review


A tangled web of lost and lonely love.

Burton, Assembly Hall, Review

Burton - the play

Rhodri Miles does a marvellous impersonation of Burton’s voice – capturing his distinctive, rich tones.

Autumn fallin', Greenside @ Nicolson Square, Review

Sophie Gore

Wistful is the one word that probably best describes a series of songs about a love affair. The show is based on the 2007 album of the same name created by Jaymay, released in the UK 2007.

Faith, theSpace on the Mile, Review


“We have given up our valley where many of us have lived for generations, entrusting it to you for the sake of the war.

Exam Results Show "Positive Year" For City Schools

Thousands of pupils across Edinburgh will have received their exam results through the post today and by text.

How to Disappear Completely, Underbelly, Review

It’s what we will all do, of course.

Forgotten Voices of the Great War, Pleasance Courtyard, Review

Five actors on bar stools and a projection screen are the sole propellants of the action in ‘Forgotten Voices of the Great War’ and both the cast and the images behind them do their best to bring that

Bec Hill in... Ellipsis, Gilded Balloon, Review

In the comedy and performance vortex that is "The Fringe" it's hard to stand out but in the Gilded Balloon’s wee “Turret”, Bec Hill stands on chairs and tables as well as the stage and pulls it off.

Departures: A Song Cycle, C Cubed, Review

Verisimo theatre in Departures: A Song Cycle.

This is what the Edinburgh Fringe is all about.

The Addams family, Assembly Hall, Review

The Addams Family - poster

Magic on the Mound! The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland has produced a show of West End quality at a venue more used to different ‘family values’ being espoused.

Anything Goes, Paradise in Augustine's, Review

Anything Goes cast

Anything Goes - obviously it did in the 1930’s, allegedly the golden age of a certain type of musical.

Viola and Piano Recital, St Andrew's & St George's West, Review

Alexa Beattie.jpg

It's always good when performers enjoy giving us a brief introduction to what they are about to play.

The Secret Collector, Greenside, Review

Byteback - The Secret Collector

A bijou Burnley ensemble!

Lavender Junction, C Nova, Review

Lavender Junction by Pete Stevens

“The feel of the sunbaked Indian dust between sandals and bare toes; that and the smell.

Portrait Gallery Brings Home Tragedy of the Great War

Avatar and bust - Scottish National Portrait Gallery

A moving, new exhibition opening today at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery brings home the tragedy of World War One, one hundred years to the day since hostilities broke out with Germany.

Oh Boy ! The Quantum Leap Show, Cowgatehead, Review

Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show

”It all started when a time travel experiment I was conducting went... a little ka-ka. In the blink of a cosmic clock I went from quantum physicist to air force test pilot.

Black Grace, Assembly Roxy, Review

Black Grace dancers

This group of dancers from New Zealand are incredibly talented and the choreography by Neil leremia is brilliant. All the work presented during the show spans a period of twenty years.

Made in Macao's Playing Landscape, C Venue 34, Review

Made in Macao dancers

The trickling of rain triggers the emergence of growth from beneath the black earth. Four dancers begin a journey that, an hour later, has them travel from basic nature to an urban existence.

The Cold Clear Elsewhere, Cafe Camino, Review

The Cold Clear Elsewhere (photo by Liz Schaffer)

In stuffy heat and in a stifling job Grace dreams of a future free from her family, from the Australian mentality; a fresh start in a cold, clear elsewhere.