City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Edinburgh House Market Cools - Price Inflation Lowest In 15 Years

Figures released today by Edinburgh Solicitors and Property Centre (ESPC) reveal the housing market in Edinburgh has continued to cool with annual inflation falling to its lowest
level since 1993. A rise of just 1.2% took the average price in Edinburgh from £207,669 in the first quarter of 2007 to £210,123 during the first three months of 2008.

SCO Chamber Concert Review

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra organised a one-off chamber concert at the Queens Hall on Sunday which comprised three Mozart compositions and a Serenade by Max Reger.

EISF Talk: What Makes Us Unique?

This is the last in a series of reports from the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The talk What Makes Us Unique? was held at the Museum of Scotland.

Can We Live With You? Review

'Can We Live With You?' cry the McScott
family, on the run from the menacing Mr. Big Fish and his equally terrifying

Touring Chinese Film Festival Makes Edinburgh Stop at Filmhouse

A man visits the city looking for his son in Luxury Car

A festival of Chinese cinema opens at the Filmhouse on Saturday 5 April as part of a tour that is visiting 17 cinemas across the UK.

EISF Talk: The Secrets of Healthy Ageing

Any discussion on 'The Secrets of Healthy
Ageing' is almost bound to gather a crowd, and the lecture theatre of the Royal

Edinburgh International Festival 2008 Looks To European Identity

The State Ballet of Georgia, EIF 2008

The 62nd Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) programme, which was launched this morning at The Hub in Edinburgh, turns its view to Europe and the "p

The Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas

The Rat Pack Live From Vegas

Billed as "Frank, Sammy and Dean, The Rat Pack - Live from Las Vegas" this is a glamorous recreation of a show at the Sands Theatre, Las Vegas in the 1960s.

Governments Fiddle as Climate's Tipping Point Reached Says Edinburgh Medal Winner

Prof Chris Rapley Receives Edinburgh Medal

With climate change not merely the 'hot topic' of the 20th Edinburgh International Science Festival but of everyone and their granny's breakfast table, it was no great surprise Professor Chris Rapley, former Director of the British Antarctic Survey, took Great While It lasted; Now What? as the title and theme of his Edinburgh Medal Address on the subject.

Schubert: A Musical Portrait Review

In this ‘musical portrait' of the Austrian composer Franz Schubert, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra played two Symphonies, five Songs and a selection of his German dances. In his short life (he died when only 31), Schubert produced a prodigious amount of work - over a thousand pieces, half of which were written before he was 21.