City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Edinburgh Film Wins Top Festival Prize

Edinburgh-set Hallam Foe won the top award, the Hitchcock d'Or, at the 18th Festival du Film Britannique in Brittany this weekend. Director of Photography Giles Nuttgens won the Prix Kodak for Best Cinematography. Director David Mackenzie and producer Gillian Berrie were there to accept the awards.

City Centre Biker Race Hits Edinburgh Saturday

Over 250 pro mountain bike riders from all over the country will be racing on a course through Edinburgh streets, stairways and alleyways for what the organisers are calling the "World's First Nighttime Urban Downhill Race" on Saturday night, 6th October between 7pm and 9.30pm.

October 6th Is Ecological Debt Day

This Saturday is Ecological Debt Day, the point at which humanity has consumed all the resources the planet can produce in a year, according to the Global Footprint Network. For the remainder of the year, we are borrowing from the future.

Hogmanay tickets out this Saturday

Tickets for Edinburgh's annual Hogmanay celebrations will be released at 10am this Saturday.

MSP Hopes To Spur Micro-Energy Uptake by Scots

By 2030 many houses in Scotland could be independent of the national grid, powered autonomously, sharing, redistributing and trading locally-generated electricty, and using micro-energy production and conservation technology to produce three quarters of the country's energy requirements.

Edinburgh Doors Open Day

Buildings, private gardens, and venues across Edinburgh, normally closed off to the general public, throw open their portals and doors as part of the Doors Open Day this Saturday.

The Winter's Tale

Shakespeare is often described as our most contemporary playwright. His plays explore what it means to be human, something that never changes from century to century, across countries and cultures.

Fringe ends. What now?

The tents have come down. The big, bold Fringe venue numbers that spring up throughout the city in August have been removed as buildings revert to their former selves - churches, schools, university buildings, bars...

Brendon Burns Wins IF Comedy Award

So Aussie comedian Brendon Burns has won the top Fringe comedy award with his outrageous show "So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now." It's one of the comedy shows that I managed to see

Faintheart - the MySpace "User led" Movie

Walking up Lothian Road yesterday morning, there was an unusually large crowd of people milling around in Festival Square.

TV Fest Too Pricey? Try Free Television Un-Festival

The MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival starts tomorrow. The two-day festival, which is really a large industry event for the broadcasters and those working in television, aims to debate and discuss the main issues of the day as well as a being a forum for the all-important business of networking.