City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

The 39 Secs - a Forth Rail Bridge enigma

If you've seen Hitchcock's 1935 spy drama The 39 Steps then you might understand why I want to make a film set on the Forth Rail Bridge.

Edinburgh Festival Expo Fund For Scottish Talent Launched

Faith Liddel, Festivals Edinburgh director

The Scottish Government yesterday announced a £6 million fund over three years to promote Scottish-based work from Edinburgh's Festivals.

Edinburgh's Smoking Ban Two Years On

Ash trays

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the smoking ban in Scotland, which radically changed the atmosphere inside pubs. Many non-smokers have welcomed the opportunity to drink or eat out without being enveloped in a fug of second-hand cigarette smoke. The ban has given rise to many outdoor drinking spots around the city as well.

48-Hour Filmmaking Competition To Make Edinburgh Debut

The adrenaline-driven 48-Hour Film Project, where teams of filmmakers write, direct, and edit a short film from start to finish in the course of a sleepless weekend, is coming to Edinburgh for th

The Mother Ship Review

The Mother Ship

We all have our own ways of dealing with situations, be it denial or invention, which stems from the resilient inner child in all of us. Stories and myths are integral to humans as a way of communicating when it’s hard to just speak the truth

Mike Leigh Cameo Link Up

Director Mike Leigh will be conducting an audience Q&A after a preview screening of his latest film Happy-Go-Lucky at The Cameo next month.

Sci-fest Study Names Good and Bad Names

The results of an Edinburgh Science Festival study into what people think of first names are in. Over 6000 people were asked whether the most popular first names in the UK sounded successful, lucky, and attractive.

Defined - Spring 2008 Review

tenderhook by Liv Lorent

I have enormous admiration for Scottish Dance Theatre, watching the company develop and mature in the past decade into a world class ensemble of ten super talented contemporary dancers.

Ceilidh Culture Rides Into Edinburgh

Edinburgh's Ceilidh Culture 2008, a three-week long bash of Celtic music and arts, kicks off today with a photo-call on the Glasgow to Edinburgh train shortly after 10am.

Council Looking to Grow Garden Waste Collection

Edinburgh City Council is hoping more Edinburgh residents will get the recycling habit when its brown bin garden waste collection scheme starts up again on 1 April 2008.