Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Edinburgh Playhouse 2013, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Paul Nicholas,George Critchley,Peter Frosdick presents
Patti Colombo (Director & Choreographer), Bruce Knight (Musical Director), AnnaLouizos (Set Design), Elizabeth Dennis (Costume Designer)
Sam Attwater (Adam), Helena Blackman (Milly)
Running time

Strictly sensational ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ was a surprise hit at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

Director and choreographer Patti Colombo has breathed a tremendous amount of life into this somewhat elderly musical. The plot and the character development may be a bit thin but this is amply compensated for by high energy dance, colourful costumes and imaginative scenery - all delivered at great pace.

The implausible story of ‘rough wooing’ backwoodsman style sees Adam (Sam Attwater -Eastenders and Dancing on Ice) go into town to find a girl and marry her and get back to the ‘ranch’ by nightfall. He omits to tell Milly (Helena Blackman) about his six unconstructed brothers who live with him in a rough and ready fashion.

Milly soon sets about improving their domestic life with the accent on developing some social moves so they can all acquire brides. This is the story and how that develops and upsets the townspeople in the process.

The first act in particular belongs to Helena Blackman who dominates the stage in a virtuoso performance of singing, dancing and comic acting. Her diction was so clear that there is no way you miss part of the story. Her co-stat Sam Attwater is at home dancing on stage as he was on ice and he handles big numbers like ‘Bless Your Beautiful Hide’ really well.

The cast of brothers, brides and townspeople perform their scenes in a heady mixture of dance incorporating some almost gymnastic moves.

The lyrics of some of the songs, like ‘Lonesome Polecat’ are a bit strange, but ‘Wonderful, Wonderful Day’ was still in my head until it hit the pillow!

The reception to the performers and the grins on the faces of patrons leaving the Playhouse was testament to an enjoyable night at the theatre.

It’s only in town til Saturday so limited opportunity to catch this excellent show.

Runs to Saturday 5th October, 7.30pm, 2.30pm (Wed & Sat only)