Slava's Snowshow, Festival Theatre, Dec 2014, Review

Submitted by Alex Eades on Sat, 6 Dec '14 10.13am
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Slava Polunin (Creator),Viktor Kramer (Stage Director), Viktor Plotnikov (Stage Designer), Gale King Productions (Producer)
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Sometimes you have an experience that you know you will remember long into your life. A memory that will find you in many years to come and bring a gleaming smile to your face. Tonight I have had such an experience and Slava’s Snowshow is that memory.

Watching the show is like observing the dream of a child. For only a child or a genius could mould a world of such magic and wonder.

Much like a dream, it’s not really clear what is going on most of the time, with little narrative to speak of. One minute you’re crashing into giant ships in the middle of the wild ocean, the next you’re tackling monster giant webs and hungry spiders. But it doesn’t matter in the slightest that it is all so mixed up. For that is a dream, is it not? You simply sink into it and enjoy the ride.

And what a ride it is.

The imagery is hypnotic in its beauty, broken only by the crackle of applause that the superb clownery tickle out of the audience almost effortlessly. I sometimes think that the art of clowning is dead, but this show breathed life in my belief of the art once again. Though I am confident you have never seen anything quite like Slava’s Snowshow. For it is a world like no other.

And this is what the theatre is for. This is why we go to the theatre. To be a taken to a place we never thought we’d go. And to treasure it in our hearts for many years to come. That is a gift. That is a thing of beauty. That is Slava’s Snowshow. A flat out masterpiece.

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3 - 6 Dec