City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Hup, North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Imaginate Review

By Irene Brown - Posted on 15 May 2015

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Starcatchers & RSNO
Abigail Sinar and Hazel Darwin –Edwards (co-creators),Xana Marwick (director), Karen Tennant (designer) Abigail Sinar (composer)
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Hup is a short and quietly beautiful piece of bespoke musical theatre for babies and toddlers up to 24 months.
There is a delightful atmosphere where participants are invited to sit on golden carpets surrounded by orange and yellow perspex trees from designer Karen Tennant. Co- creator Hazel Darwin –Edwards who is dressed as a saucy, slinky racoon, cuts out paper birds and arboreal ‘helicopters’ to charm the wee recipients. Once seated, children and their adult companions are treated to some truly lovely music composed by co-creator Abigail Sinar and played on violins and cello that’s accompanied by playful interaction with that racoon.

There is a necessary narrative that weaves its way silently through this charming experience. In a reverse of expectations, the racoon gradually persuades the others to join her stripey black and white world, but the gentle brightness of the citrus coloured forest is not dimmed by the string players joining their black snouted, hooped and fluffy tailed chum. Au contraire!. She does this with simple recognisable props that effectively bring complete inclusiveness to the musical group – a fine if subtle message for the weans!

Both transfixing and mesmerising, this relaxed and intimate delight of a performance is full of surprises geared right at tiny tots but clever enough to draw in the adults in the room too as it magically links nature and music.

Edinburgh based company Starcatchers specialises in performances for babies and very young children with the aim of nurturing their creative and cognitive development. As an introduction to highly imaginative theatre for this very special group of citizens, Hup absolutely excels.

The performance includes 15 minutes interactive play when dancing to keyboard sounds in encouraged.

Age recommend 0-24 months
Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 May 2015