City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edibles, Scottish Storytelling Festival, Review

By Irene Brown - Posted on 23 December 2013

Edibles - Eoin Carey
Show Details
Grinagog Theatre Company
Dani Rae (producer), Bill Wright (director and dramaturgist), Ali Maclaurin (design) Oliver Searle (composer), Eoin Carey (photographer)
Clare McGarry, Becki Gerrard, Alasdair Hankinson
Running time: 

A big sweet spoonful of Christmas fun!

Dotted with enticing icing, rich red hearts and handles, an almost edible gingerbread set forms the fabulous Edibles’ magical bakery. Here three mischievous bakers ply their comforting trade to the endearing tick - tock sounds that are part of the discreet but perfectly pitched music created by Oliver Searle.

When the bakery opens, a string of moustachioed customers appear at the door to choose from the sweet delights on offer. One day, an order comes through the post for a big three tier cake. The bakers set to the task mixing flour, butter, sugar and eggs with mad cap mime worthy of Marceau. But behind the scenes, or the skirting board, is Max the Mouse.

As the bakers are distracted, he steals the top tier. The three discover the terrible loss and have to start again stirring, beating, folding and baking. When the same thing happens again, murderous thoughts abound till they find that Max has a family to keep and like in the old Boll Weevil song he was “…just lookin’ for a home”. Murderous thoughts are reduced like a jus as bakers and mice become friends.

Under Bill Wright’s brilliant direction, the three performers use play, imagination and virtually no dialogue to convey this delightful story to their young audience. They work fantastically well together as a team, with none trying to outdo the other.

They sing with barber shop harmonies (should that be baker shop?), their voices mixing together like the three vital cake ingredients! They are completely tuned to the wee ones, creating instant engagement and holding their attention throughout.

The rucksacked puppet Max the Mouse that the performers take turns to manipulate is cute enough to soften the heart of the biggest suriphobic and the children are keen to stoke him and the baby mice on the way out at the end of the show.

The Edibles gives a joyous message of the celebration of harmony that is just right for the season and leaves you grinning like a grinagog.

On tour for Christmas 2013

25 November – 24 December 2013

Age recommend 3-7

Run ended