City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

S**t-Faced Shakespeare, Paradiso Spiegel Tent, Review

By Katie Stephen - Posted on 12 December 2015

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Magnificent Bastard Productions
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Attending a Shakespearian play is often regarded as the height of sophistication, where impeccably trained actors glide across well dressed stages, uttering a magnitude of eloquent soliloquies. Actors across the globe could only dream of possessing the skills and discipline required to successfully perform iconic characters such as Romeo and Juliet, let alone the ability to navigate their way through the complexities of Shakespeare after a bottle of wine and one too many vodka mixers. Luckily, for the audiences of Edinburgh’s Christmas, Magnificent Bastard Productions have that down to a T.

Greeted upon entry by an eccentric, yet friendly compere, the audience is instantly included in the mischievous process of getting one actor completely “S**t-Faced”. A misdemeanour that has allowed Magnificent Bastard Productions ways to sell out show after show at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. With the rules of the show explained, the actors begin performing an abridged version of one of Shakespeare’s finest works, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream, however, one of the troupe has spent most of the day inebriating themselves. Laced with sexual innuendoes, forgotten cues, and ad-libbed lines, it is a miracle the cast are able to reach their final curtain.

With health and safety regulations being what they are, it is difficult not to feel skeptical about the genuine alcohol content of the actors blood, but as the hour flies by this becomes irrelevant. Even the sober characters hold the ability to have you doubled over, wiping giggle-some tears from your face and letting out a laugh induced snort. Inhibitions become a thing of the past as the audience gain control of the drunken characters alcohol intake, helping him become truly “s**t faced”.

Expertly pieced together, and excellently executed, anyone would be a fool to miss this show. Not only are professionally trained actors showcasing talent and an incredibly innovative way of staging some of the Bard’s best work, they are doing it in a state where most of us wouldn't dare to boil an egg. Could someone give that actor a medal, a glass of water and two paracetamol, please?

St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Wed 9–Sun 13 Dec.