Braquage –Stick up!, Traverse Theatre, Review

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Companie Bakélite
Olivier Rannou (directing, acting, props), Alan Floc’h (lighting , props, stage management), Jean- Luc Briand (music), Arnaud Ladagnous,(script and coaching), Christion Carrignon, Julien Mellano, Christine Le Berre, Gaëlle Héraut (directing associates)
Olivier Rannou
Running time

This fantastic one man show starring Olivier Rannou is a mad cap depiction of a heist by two dim criminals, Billy and, well, the other one (Olivier Rannou).

Like the lovely Samantha on the radio show, I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue, who is personified by a tinkling on Colin Sell’s piano, Billy is symbolised by rubber gloves, a pair of moving shoes or a hat; the audience willingly suspending their disbelief at this brilliant piece of imaginative ingenuity.

The full house on Saturday night was fully engaged and laughing out loud from the start in this ludicrous and incredibly funny piece of theatre. Meccano shelves become home, the inside of a bank, and skyscrapers that Rannou climbs like a Gallic King Kong. He uses closely observed body language in the French mime tradition while turning a variety of ordinary objects and toys into highly comic props. With impeccable timing, he operates switches and digital equipment to create the crazy story of a robbery ‘live’ on stage.

Companie Bakélite was founded in 2005 by Olivier Rannou who trained with Théatre Lillico in Rennes. He is bursting with talent as his skyscraper ledge walk with bricks attached to his feet showed hilariously.

Manipulate Festival is described as “...innovative international theatre and animation for consenting adults” but this piece at least was suitable for adults and families though by the reaction of the audience (three curtain calls) the adults might want to keep this treat for themselves. A great end to the Festival!

Saturday 05 February 2010 21.30

Manipulate ran from 31 Jan to 05 Feb 2011.