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Mark Little: Defending The Caveman Review

By Alex Eades - Posted on 17 March 2010

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Norwell Lapley Productions
Mark Little
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“Men are all pigs!” How many times have you heard that sentence, or something to that effect? Being a pig is actually a compliment compared to some of the things that men are called. And it seems acceptable to both men and women. If it were the other way around, well, can you imagine...?

The differences between men and women have been the focus of discussion since there have been men and women. And still, we just don’t get one another. We find each other baffling, stupid and downright irritating, but we love one another!

Men are not obnoxious pigs: we just don’t come from the same history. And this is what is explored in tonight’s brilliant and hilarious show, Defending The Caveman.

Australian comic and former Neighbours star, Mark Little, takes us on a painfully truthful journey from the cave to the modern world and demonstrates, with hilarious results, how our early roles from hundreds of thousands of years ago have led us to evolve into two very different versions of same species.

The best comedy is always truth. And this show has truth and laughs in bucket loads. It’s all very recognisable stuff. Embarrassing, ridiculous and mostly true. It paints us as we really are and shows us how we got here. It’s always nice to be reminded that we are human.

The caveman is a very misunderstood being, generally being thought of as unintelligent, brutish and nasty. In actual fact, real evidence suggests nothing of the sort. It was a protector that adored women and saw them as magical beings that could give life.

Men today are also seen in an unfair light and, along with ‘pig’ and a host of other unflattering names, are frequently labelled as being ‘cavemen’. And not in the adoring, protecting way.

Defending The Caveman does just what it says and suggests that, whilst men are not perfect, maybe women need back off a little bit.

Very funny, observant and touching. A cracking night out!

Show ran 15 & 16 March