City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Smalltown, Traverse Theatre, Review

By Alex Eades - Posted on 25 March 2011

Show Details
Traverse Theatre
Johnny McKnight (Director), D.C. Jackson, Johnny McKnight & Douglas Maxwell (Writers), Lisa Sangster (Set & Costume Design), Alan Penman (Sound), Dave Shea (Lighting)
Julie Brown (Irene Callahan & Trudy), Richard Conlon (Roy Hannay), Jonathan Holt (Carter Hamilton & Cooney), Sally Reid (Ruby & Dolly), Anita Vettesse (Mary Mangle & Margaret)
Running time: 

There’s an odd thing that happens in this city when the sun comes out. It really does rub me up the wrong way. Everybody becomes so happy and luvy and optimistic......urgh! Whatever happened to the October crowd? The rain walkers? The Prozac munchers? Why can’t things just be the way they were?

Thankfully, one can always rely on the theatre for a bit of a downer. And with zombies in town to remind us of how soulless and consumer bent our society has become, surely the sun itself will go out and the black clouds of doom will suffocate all the joy and goodness out of that merry little band of sunglass wearing smiley smileys’?

It turns out that Smalltown, a trio of interconnected tales surrounding a contaminated water supply and a subsequent zombie infestation, is an absolute jolly hoot. It makes Shaun Of The Dead look like an Eastenders HIV storyline.

This show is absolutely hilarious!

The script is fast and fierce, with enough heart to make it something more than simply and zom-com rip off. There is the added joy of audience participation towards the end. I wont give it away just now; but lives depend on the decision you make.

Jonathan Holt is reminiscent of a young James Carrey in his roles as part time water salesman, Carter, and horny numskull, Cooney. That may sound like a bit of a put off to some, but he is simply comedy gold. It is difficult to keep your eyes off him whenever he is on stage. He is the difference between a good and a great show.

A fright fest it is not, but a laugh a second, entertainment extravaganza it is. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a very long time. Go and see it!

God, I’m turning into one of them, aren’t I!

Edinburgh Smileys’ 1 - Edinburgh Tears 0

Show times

24 - 26 March, 7:30pm


I must say, I could have written that review above. I echo everything the reviewer says, even the bit about John Holts likeness to Jim Carey (which is what I said to my wife in the interval). Having seen a few Johnny Mcknight things I knew I wouldn't be disappointed and was pleased to see his Random Accomplice partner for the first time who was absolutely fantastic. John Holt really did surprise me though - having seen him in his recent hilarious panto role also written by McKnight, I didn't know what to expect with a 'grown ups' play. Well, I needn't have worried, I think he stole the show and provided much to talk about (maybe too much in play two!!)

Anyway, 2 nights left, get down there if there are tickets left