City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Population Rises 5% In A Decade

By edg - Posted on 24 July 2008

The City of Edinburgh has seen the biggest increase in population numbers in Scotland over the decade to June 2007, according to statistics released earlier today by the General Register for Scotland.

The 22,350 (5%) increase in population to 468,070, mostly from net migration, reflected a broad increase of more than 4% between 30 June 1997 and 30 June 2007 across the South East of Scotland.

However, although Edinburgh experienced the biggest increase in absolute numbers, in percentage terms it was not as much as the population increases in the outlying Edinburgh regions of West Lothian, up 10.5%, and East Lothian, up 7.5%.

The report estimates that population for Scotland as a whole has increased at a slower rate of 1.2% (60,860) to 5,114,200 between mid-1997 and mid-2007. Between mid-2006 and mid-2007, the population of Scotland rose 27,300. Scotland's current population is at its hightest level since 1983.

37 in Edinburgh? You're average

Among other insights into the make-up of our population, the 44-page report estimates the average age in Edinburgh to be 37 (for Scotland as a whole it is 39).

It notes that 71% of males and 64% of females in Edinburgh are of working age - a high proportion when compared to areas such as rural Dumfries and Galloway where those figures are much lower at 19% of males and 30% of females.

The GROS report also estimates population density for the City of Edinburgh administrative area at 1,775 persons per square kilometre, which looks high-density when compared with the Highland Region's population of 8 people per sq/km, but is a far less dense population base than Glasgow's with its 3,316 persons per sq/km.

Edinburgh Statistical Highlights

Between 30 June 2006 and 30 June 2007 Edinburgh saw:

  • 4,920 births and 4,208 deaths, a "natural " population increase of 712
  • an estimated net migration to Edinburgh of 3,626
  • a net increase in population of 4,560 people (1%)

Between 30 June 1997 and 30 June 2007 Edinburgh saw:

  • 46,960 births and 46,226 deaths, a "natural " population increase of 734
  • an estimated net migration to Edinburgh of 21,616
  • a net increase in population of 22,350 (5%) to 468,070

Scottish Government response

Cabinet Secretary for Sustainable Growth John Swinney said:

"For over four decades, Scotland has been a country of substantial net out-migration. Crucially, over the last 10 years in particular, our population growth has lagged well behind that of the UK.

"But these latest very positive population estimates show that we are beginning to turn the corner. Fewer people are leaving Scotland; large numbers are choosing to come here; and our birth rate is rising."