City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Preview: The Living Room Micro-Festival

By Stewart Lochhead - Posted on 11 August 2010


It's a quirky micro-festival in a home in Pilrig, in North central Edinburgh. A fringe of a Fringe event. Not even in the Edinburgh Fringe Society's Guide.

This festival leaped off the page and wrapped itself around my heart. From the homely drawing and delightful design of the programme, to the off-beat content and performances (up to six or seven a day): theatre, acoustic music, spoken word performances, new films, conversations on subjects such as "home" and "the land", and a kitchen cafe for bowls of hot soup and other beverages.

"Why not do it in my home?" It could catch-on, and by Festival 2011 Edinburgh will have broken new ground again thanks to organiser Hannah Reade.

"I'm just completing my studies at Dartington College of Art and have been planning this for five years. I wanted to break-down the boundaries between public and private and this is such a beautiful house to do it in," she says.

The micro-festival, taking place at 40 Pilrig Street, opens with a Tea Party on 17 August at 5pm. "Dress-up favourite piece of furniture or kitchen implement! Eat scones and drink tea," says the programme cheerfully.

The Living Room in its own words

"The Living Room is an informal performance, exhibition, workshop, discussion space. Hopefully it will find a place in your heart too with a mug of warm coffee in your hand and beautiful music echoing in your ears. For four days The Fringe of The Fringe will be toppling over with juicy nuggets of stories, scones with jam, Brazilian drumming, some of the UKs freshest devised theatre; and rich nights of gentle music, films and discussions.

Write a letter to yourself which will be sent to you in the future. Bring your friends and family. Join our family in The Living Room."

The Living Room festival runs from 17 to 20 August, 12.30pm to 9pm. Entry is free to most events. Living Room venue info and map

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I love the idea of mini and micro fests spinning off from the huge whirling ball of energy of the Fringe and festival at this time of year.  The Living Room sounds very similar to the Forest Fringe - a free, artist-driven micro fest that you wont find in the Fringe brochure. Although the Living Room is truly on a micro scale. I wish them well.