City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Seagull Task Force To Tackle "Nuisance" Birds

By edg - Posted on 22 August 2008

A Seagull Task Force is being set up to look at ways in which urban gulls can be prevented from nesting and how nests can be effectively destroyed. A pilot project will begin in Dumfries next Spring to coincide with the breeding season.

"Seagulls are a menace to Scottish towns and cities. They thrive on litter and their aggressive behaviour towards other birds, pets and even people is increasingly problematic," said Environment Minister Michael Russell after visiting Dumfries, citing "regular reports of divebombing and litter strewn around the town after a seagull has raided a bin."

"I even read this week about a young paperboy who has had to abandon his deliveries due to constant attacks from the birds."

The team for the pilot project will be made up of staff from Dumfries and Galloway Council
and Scottish Natural Heritage, working with the Scottish Government.

"If successful, lessons learned will be shared with other local authorities so they can see what has worked in Dumfries with a view to implementing an appropriate response to problems in their area," said the minister.