City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Airports To Be Hit By January Strikes

By edg - Posted on 22 December 2007

Edinburgh and Glasgow airports are among seven BAA airports that are going to be hit by strike action in early 2008. The Unite union, which represents some 6,000 workers employed by BAA, including security guards and firemen, is voting against its Spanish employer's plans to close its final salary pension scheme to new employees.

The dates set for the 3 separate strike actions are:

  • 6th January, 6am to 7th January, 6am
  • 14th January, 6am to 15th January, 6am
  • 17th January, 6am to 19th January, 6am

New rules about carry-on luggage

The first strike date ends on the same day, 7th January, that the government's new rules allowing 2 pieces of carry-on luggage comes into effect, although BAA Edinburgh still has not confirmed whether this will be available by that date. BAA warns that, even after the new rule comes into effect at its airports, some airlines may also still limit carry-on to one piece of luggage.

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