City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Tram Mock-up To Move To Leith

By edg - Posted on 06 April 2009

Tram mock-up outside Jenners

The life-sized Edinburgh tram mock-up that has clocked up 70,000 visitors in the six weeks that it has been on Princes Street will close its doors to the public this Thursday (2.30pm, 9 April) and will then be moved to Leith. From there the showcase tram will be continuing to other destinations in the city (times have not yet been announced).

The mock-up opened to the public on Monday 23 February and extended its planned initial two-week run "to meet exceptional public demand."

"The number of people turning up to have a look at the mock up has been beyond all our expectations," said Alastair Richards for Edinburgh Trams. "I'm particularly pleased that most of the 70,000 people who turned up also used it as an opportunity to ask questions. For us in the project this is 70,000 more informed people about the benefits of Edinburgh Trams and the fact that it goes to Edinburgh Airport."

The tram mock-up will be open on Princes Street, 11.30am to 2.30pm each day until Thursday 9 April.