Credit crunch

Financial credit crunch

Occupy Edinburgh

Submitted by edg on Mon, 10 Oct '11 9.58am

It started with Adusters magazine's poster, inspired by the Arab Spring, suggesting that Americans Occupy Wall Street on 17th September. "Bring tent" said the poster. They did, in huge numbers. And they stayed. Surprising media commentators and the authorities, the movement continues to grow globally.

Edinburgh Tops Credit Card Expenditure - Forget Edinburgh Trams!

Submitted by actionman on Wed, 27 Jul '11 3.26pm

It was reported today that Edinburgh City Council has topped the UK league table for credit card expenditure for public bodies with a sum of £355,000 as an average spend  for each of its 171 cards!   This puts it way top of the league of card expenditure with the next highest being Kent County Council with a meagre £108,400 per card.