Edinburgh lectures & talks

Andy Goldsworthy's contemporary sculptures feature in our Early People gallery.

Professor Yasir Suleiman CBE FRSE
Professor of Modern Arabic Studies, University of Cambridge

Speaker: Professor Geoffrey Boulton FRS FRSE, Regius Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, University of Edinburgh and Chair of the Study.

Satsang means being together with an enlightened one, who is fully available to guide people to the light of their own wisdom-heart. This meeting can be an inspiration to find your way to truth that will bring you to fulfilment of your deepest desire: inner peace and freedom.

In the meetings with Prajnaparamita questions can be asked or one can just be present in silence. The real meeting is beyond all words; the real meeting is in the silence of the heart, where all differences merge in One.

Lecture entitled "Nation, Town, Memory - Krakow Experience" by Professor Dr.

Lecture by Lord Wilson of Tillyorn KT GCMG PRSE - President, Royal Society of Edinburgh.

'The 21st century is the first in the earth's history where one species, ours, has the power to determine the fate of the entire biosphere'.

The Festival of Politics 2011, which runs from 20 - 27 August, presents a diverse programme of events bringing together politics, media and the arts through performance, discussion and debate.

Professor Niall Ferguson, Lord Wilson and Sir Vernon Ellis are among the chairs announced for Edinburgh International Festival’s geopolitical talks series, Continental Shifts.

Roll up your sleeves and learn about the art of sculpting and crafting from metal paper modelling to pop-up gardens. Workshops are free.