City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh lectures & talks

Professor Andrew Whiten Lecture

Professor Andrew Whiten of St Andrews University will be talking about the cultures of monkeys and apes, covering discoveries from the wild and at the zoo.

Professor Iain Stewart Lecture

Professor Iain Stewart gives a lecture as part of Edinburgh Zoo's centenary. The talk will be entitled: The rise of the continents, and what it has meant for the wildlife on them.

Scottish Astrological Association Talk: The Fire Signs Group Discussion

A talk entitled the Fire Signs Group Discussion. Facilitated by SAA Committee (Room 2)

We will be discussing the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Scottish Astrological Association Talk: The Good the Bad and the Not so Ugly

Carole Bone gives a talk entitled The Good the Bad and the Not so Ugly (Main Hall). Mars and Saturn are traditionally known as the Malefics reputedly bringing strife and hardship.

Bike2Boat: Kayaking Film Presentation by Olaf Obsommer

On Saturday 30th March, the University of Edinburgh Canoe Club is thrilled to welcome Olaf Obsommer, internationally renowned kayaker and adventure film maker, to present his latest film creation.<

25th Edinburgh International Science Festival Looks Into The Future

Ugly Animal Preservation Society

The Edinburgh International Science Festival marks 25 years, from 23rd March, with two weeks of events that look forward to the next 25 y

MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival

Cat Deely in Edinburgh

The London media's mover-and-shakers descend on Edinburgh for three days for this annual get-together. While there generally is a light-hearted festive atmosphere, this is primarily an industry event, providing an opportunity for delegates to discuss where UK television is heading and to hear from industry heads and new media pundits what issues are coming to the fore.

RSC Winter Lectures: The story of The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

In the first of The Royal Scots Club's 2013 winter lectures, Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin will explore the origins of The Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Talk by Ben Judah: How Far Can Russia's New Opposition Go?

Ben Judah is the author of "Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In And Out Of Love With Vladimir Putin", to be published by Yale University Press in May 2013, and an Associate Fellow at the E

Sauniere Society New Battle Abbey Author's Autumn Symposium


New Battle Abbey Symposium Friday 2nd - Monday 5th November 2012
This meeting is held in the Memory of John Millar