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Pleasance Boss Unveils Plans Ahead

Submitted by edg on Sun, 7 Aug '11 2.12am

It was the Pleasance's turn to launch their programme yesterday (Saturday). Walking to the launch in Pleasance Grand theatre you get a real sense of just what an expansive complex the Pleasance Courtyard venue has turned into. 

Over a quarter century of the charity piling back all its profits into its operation means that there are now theatres and bars everywhere at Pleasance Courtyard.

Psychiatry Ethics Film Festival

Submitted by edg on Wed, 24 Nov '10 7.29am

A candid documentary about comedian Stephen Fry, who almost killed himself before he discovered he was bipolar, is one of several films screening at this mini film fest looking at ethical issues around mental health. The six films - three documentary, three drama - will be followed by an audience discussion with an expert panel. There are also three special school screenings.


Submitted by edg on Sun, 10 Oct '10 8.07am

The 10:10 campaign is a global, grassroots campaign, launched last year, with the aim of raising awareness about climate change and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% in 2010.