Live Music in Edinburgh

Royal Scottish National Orchestra 09:10 Season

World premiere of a newly composed piece of music performed by primary school children from across Edinburgh. Free Performance.

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra's Naked Classics series returns.

A programme of melodies by the prolific Johann Strauss, including Tales from the Vienna Woods, the Emperor Waltz and the celebrated Radetzky March. All tickets £3

Yorkshire born folk singer Kate Rusby is back singing songs from latest release Sweet Bells

The celebrated North American pianist and singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright in concert.

The first movement of Percy Whitlock's Sonata in C minor and smaller-scale pieces by Whitlock, Francis Jackson, Howells and Tuba Tunes (by Reginald Porter-Brown and C.S. Lang).

NYOS presents two of its young ensembles in a varied evening of classical music and jazz favourites.

 Almost 120 players between the ages of 13 and 21 sat patiently on stage without a single fidget to be seen when on came the young conductor, Garry Walker, reaching his podium with a jaunty spring in his step, to conduct Shostakovich’s short Festive Overture.

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra began this classical programme with a stirring Haydn composition.