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Basshunter Review

Submitted by Loorn85 on Sat, 24 Oct '09 7.34am

So it turns out that Basshunter has quite an extensive repertoire. Having assumed that the one song everyone had turned up for- would simply be stretched out over the necessary period of time, with intermitted “I love Scottish girls” and “Are you ready to party?” It actually turns out he has a least four more.

Review: Girls, 14 October 2009

San Francisco’s Girls seem to be so named after their unreachable objects of desire that just might make them whole. The duo of Christopher Owens and Chet J R White have recently released their first album, the invigoratingly titled “Album”, and filled it with anthems of almost grief-stricken longing set to music steeped in both the upbeat jangling of 60’s garage pop and the frazzled numbness of early 90’s shoegazing.