Poetry and storytelling

Poetry and storytelling

Two characters, separated by time and space meet for the first time in the world-wide premiere of Alice and the Little Prince.

There are several suffragette-based productions this year: Peter Barratt, the great-grandson of Alice Hawkins, a woman who was an actively involved

A stripped-back, return to roots production, this year’s Loud Poets focuses simply on what they do exceptionally well: funny, heart-warmin

Award winner Richard Gadd performs a tense and deeply personal view into his complicated relationship with an unbalanced stalker.

This performance would appease parents at a drama club showing but not as a Fringe Production.

“Maker, ye maun sing them…
Tomorrow, songs
Will flow free again, and new voices
Be borne on the carrying stream.”
(Hamish Henderson)

The historical development of Western music, visual art, ​iconography, poetry, drama, and architecture is deeply linked to the theology, culture and worship of the Christian Church.

The 2019 Edinburgh International Book Festival launched the “most international programme in its history” today, with authors from over 60 countries coming

Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel... We all know a tale that features an evil stepmother with the viscous intention to cause their stepchildren misery and despair.

Join us at the Edinburgh Iranian Festival to celebrate the launch of The Book of Tehran published by Comma Press – a collection of contemporary short stories from ten renowned contemporary Iranian wri