Special Days

Historic Scotland is offering free entrance to many of its sites in the run up to St Andrew's Day. For the past four years, the government heritage agency has opened its doors for free at a wide range of its properties as part of a special Scotland-wide St Andrew’s Day promotion.

In the run-up to Scotland's national day St Andrew's Day, Edinburgh sees four-days of family events centred on St Andrew Square Gardens (update: cancelled due to snow), climaxing with a St Andrew's Day Ceilidh on 30th (update: cancelled due to snow) and St Andrew's Day Debate at the Scottish Parliament.

The 10:10 campaign is a global, grassroots campaign, launched last year, with the aim of raising awareness about climate change and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% in 2010.

That slight underplaying of ritual and pomposity is what Scotland does so well, and nowhere better than in Edinburgh.

Since 2006, the public have been invited to explore the enclosed world of Midmar allotments on just one day in August.

One of Edinburgh’s most beautiful hidden treasures throws open its gates to the public on Sunday 25 April. The historic 18th century Redhall Walled Garden is having an Open Day as part of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, revealing the wide variety of plants bursting into springtime life.

This year's theme "Biodiversity and Development" is a thorny one considering that the biggest threat to biodiversity is (surprise!) from human growth and development.

This March, a programme of events in Scotland, surrounding St. Patrick's Day, illustrate how these two great nations are moving in the oldest yet closest of friendships and explores how often there has been a reluctance to admit or engage this closeness, with both nations holding on to a complicated historical legacy and becoming intimate strangers, existing with their backs to each other and reluctant to forge new chapters.

The first hours of 2010 look likely to be chilly ones with temperatures in Edinburgh dropping several degrees below zero.

Christmas Day is celebrated widely in Edinburgh - as it is across the country: a christian holiday marking the nativity, or birth, of Jesus Christ.